Why Should We Move Towards Organic Reusable Cotton Bags?

We can’t think of a clean environment when we continue with using plastic bags. As we already know plastic bags are non-dispensable bags and end up in landfills, so the best approach is to move towards reusable cotton bags.

Many of us still don’t know how the landfills are influencing our environment and how much carbon footprints are being generated by these plastic bags.

As the plastic bags end up in landfills or end up in floating over here and there, the wildlife creatures from birds to marine animals consume it in their food, causing those to be killed.

By burning plastic bags, it produces a large number of toxic chemicals which make the air polluted and dangerous for our life.

On the other hand, the reusable cotton bags are comprised of 100% biodegradable materials which make it recyclable. They are solid, clean, safe and perfectly eco-friendly alternatives we should move towards to.

The toughness of reusable bags makes it best to utilize it in the long run and to reuse it over and over again.

Plastic bags are generally of low quality because of which they get broken effectively on putting weight, but on the other side, reusable cotton bags can hold more weight when contrasted with plastic bags.

Organic Cotton Mart put up a thorough infographic showing up the reasons and benefits to move towards the reusable cotton bags.

Source: Organic Cotton Mart

reusable cotton grocery produce bags

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