TRYM II Review – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit Review

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The TRYM II represents a redesign of the original rechargeable hair clipper and shows some notable improvements from this first model. This updated version is truly a professional-quality product at affordable pricing within the reach of the average person. The new model sees an increase in battery life as well as a sharper blade that offers a closer shave and better results.

Trym ii Review

Modern Appearance

The very first thing you will notice about the TRYM II hair clipper kit is its modern, sleek appearance. The streamlined look will match any interior decor with its black and silver coloring and the smooth lines help complement modern bathroom appointments. Meanwhile, the small base ensures that you can easily find a spot for the clipper on your counter due to its compact size.

High-Quality Pieces

Most trimmers available within the average person’s budget come with a concern about parts. The majority of options have low-grade components that are prone to breakage, but this is not a concern with the TRYM II as all attachments are professional grade. This allows them to withstand daily use while resisting breakage. You no longer have to worry about the choice of replacing the entire hair clipper kit or searching for a hard to find attachment.

Multiple Attachments Included

To make it easier to use the TRYM II, there is no need to buy attachments separately. This kit comes with a set of four attachments, providing everything you will need for shaving and close trimming of your beard. You may want to purchase additional attachments if you plan on also using the trimmer to cut your hair, but these will be easy to find and affordable as well.

Improved Battery

As mentioned, the battery in the TRYM II has a longer lifespan than the original TRYM, making it possible to use it for several days at a time without having to worry about recharging the base. This feature makes it perfect for bathrooms with a limited number of outlets and reduces counter space as you can keep the wire out of the way. The battery is also incredibly capable thanks to the high power motor. This particular feature ensures that it can get through any hair, turning even wiry and thick hair into a patch of smooth, soft skin. You don’t even have to wait to start using your trimmer as it will come with the battery already charged.

Professional Results

In addition to the strong motor powering this high-quality trimmer, the blades are also ultra-sharp. This ensures a perfect, smooth and clean cut every single time. In other words, this particular product gives you the chance to easily and quickly get the same results at home as you would by visiting an expensive barber shop.


Depending on the amount of time you spend grooming your facial hair on a daily basis, a lightweight trimmer can be incredibly important. Without considering weight, you can easily find your arm or hand growing tired within a matter of minutes. Luckily, the TRYM II is very lightweight so you will not have to worry about this happening, even if you haven’t groomed in a long time and need an extended session.


There is only one weakness of the TRYM II worth mentioning and that is its need for regular cleaning. If a cleaning session is skipped, you may notice the blades pinching or pulling on hair or skin while you use it or the power may become weaker due to the extra effort involved.

Conclusion of our Trym ii Review

Between its stylish and compact appearance, the included attachments, and the professional results, the TRYM II is an excellent shape for those who want a high-quality hair clipper kit at a budget-friendly price. There is no concern of parts breaking and the unit is lightweight and easy to use.

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