8 Best Snacks For College

As a college student, you won’t typically have easy access to a kitchen, making it more challenging to find the ideal snacks. The best college snacks will be convenient, affordable, and portable. This gives you the chance to take them with you to class. It is even better if the snacks you choose are healthy to help you round out a balanced diet and prevent the freshman 15. Here are the 8 best snacks for college to help you get started.



#8 – Healthy Snacks In-A-Box (30 Count)

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You will notice that all of the 8 best snacks for college are actually large assortments. This ends up being much more convenient for college students since you don’t have to worry about running out for a while. This box has sweet as well as savory snacks, each of which is a single serving. It includes items such as chips, granola bars, nuts, trail mix, and dessert oatmeal bars.

#7 – Show You Care Packages (48 Count) Snack Packages With Snacks For College Care Packages And Thank You Care Package

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This assortment of options has the best college snacks if you want familiar items and don’t necessarily care about health. Although it is advertised as a care package, you can also buy it yourself as an affordable way to stock up on a range of item. It includes name brand crackers, cookies, chips, gummies, pretzels, nuts, granola bars, candy, and more.

#6 – 50 Count Sweet & Salty Variety Snack Care Package For College, Military, Sports & More

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Each of the 50 items in this package is individually wrapped and from brand names you trust. It offers a great value and like the other items on this list, it also has some nuts, crackers, chips, and similar items. This particular group, however, is great for students with a sweet tooth because many of the included college snacks are candy, like Skittles.

#5 – Classic Campus Survival Kit (Small)

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If you don’t plan on eating too many snacks while at school, then this is one of the best college snacks. It gives you chips like Cheetos and Doritos as well as pretzels, fruit snacks, rice crispy treats, and other candy. As a bonus, you also get gum and a stress ball.

#4 – Deluxe College Care Package (35 Count)

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While the other items on this list focus on variety, this option recognizes which are the 8 best snacks for college and focuses on those items. That’s why you will see two to three of every option, including crackers, trail mix, popcorn, cookies, lollipops, and even instant soup and instant macaroni and cheese.

#3 – Healthy Snacks In-A-Box (45 Count)

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This is another of the packages that is ideal if you are looking to eat healthier. There are a large number of granola bars in multiple flavors, trail mix, nuts, popcorn, chips, and other healthy items. The mix is designed to be sweet and savory so you have the perfect snack regardless of mood.

#2 – Healthy Snacks Care Package (30 Count)

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Another option for those looking for healthy snacks, this box has nuts, fruit snacks, popcorn chips, veggie chips, vegetable crisps, and a few granola bars. It is one of the few healthy boxes that focuses on items other than granola bars, giving you healthier versions of traditional college snacks like chips.

#1 – Healthy Snacks For Adults Individually Wrapped – College Students Or Military 32 Count Bundle

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Leading the 8 best snacks for college is another group of healthy options. The great thing about this option is that it gives you traditional favorites like Cheez-Its and Welch’s Fruit Snacks combined with healthier alternatives, such as a healthy trail mix, and reduced-fat popcorn.

When contemplating which of these college snacks is right for you, think about your favorite flavors or types of snacks. Consider whether you are more likely to eat chips, candy, or granola bars. Also, consider whether you want a healthy mix to keep you on track or want familiar treats you grew up with.

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