Top 10 Best Gaming Mouses 2021

Whether you play the occasional game of Minecraft or are farming your way up to gold league in Starcraft, a quality mouse can make all the difference in your gaming experience. This has been a good year for anyone interested in purchasing a quality gaming mouse, for the casual to the hardcore gamer. Here are the best gaming mouses out now, with a variety that is sure to please even the pickiest gamer.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best gaming mouses
  2. Detailed review of best gaming mouses

List Of Top 10 Best Gaming Mouses

PictureNameSensor TechnologyPriceRating
Redragon M601 Not listed$$4.9
Anker 2.4G Laser$$4.8
Razer Naga Laser$$$4.8
Logitech G600Laser$$$4.7
Razer Optical$$$4.6
Logitech G700sLaser$$$4.5
Razer DeathAdderOptical$$$4.5
HAVIT HV-MS672Not listed$4.4
UtechSmart Venus 16400Laser$$$4.3
Zelotes 5500Optical$4.0

Detailed Review Of Top 5 Best Gaming Mouses

For the gamer on a budget

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

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Rating: 4.5 stars

Although new to the mouse business, Anker starts off with a real winner that combines a low price point with comfort and convenience. Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you need to enjoy a substandard gaming experience. Featuring nine programmable buttons and a comfortable feeling worth twice the asking price. It’s hard to go wrong with this option!

For the casual MMO gamer

Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless MMO PC Gaming Mouse

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Rating: 3.9 stars

This mouse is the priciest of the bunch, coming in at double the price of our other MMO optimized mouse; but it is well worth the price for those that can afford it. This provides a greater degree of flexibility and customization with a 17-button thumb grid and the ability to effortlessly switch between wireless and wired play. Also included are three interchangeable side panels so you can find the fit that is just right for you. This is definitely one of the best gaming mouses out right now for MMO players.

For style and functionality

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

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Rating: 4.2 stars

If you want style and comfort at a decent price, then this is the way to go. This Logitech mouse comes in either black or white with smooth shapes designed to soothe clicking fatigue for those long gaming sessions. It features a fully programmable 20-button thumb grid that is perfect for MMOs, or any other type of gaming experience. A g-shift ring-finger button doubles the number of actions you can perform with each button, making this the best in customization.

For when simplicity is best

Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic PC Gaming Mouse

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Rating: 4.2 stars

When it comes to simplicity of design, this is one of the best gaming mouses you’ll find. The slick black and green exterior is molded to create a comfortable resting place for your hand while you enjoy countless hours of gaming. If you enjoy comfort and don’t need all the bells and whistles, then this is the mouse for you.

For those that value utility

Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

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Rating: 4.1

The Logitech experience allows for the maximum number of buttons while retaining an ergonomic design. It works incredibly well as both a wireless and wired mouse, and boasts some of the most polished software for any mouse on the market. This is one of the best gaming mouses for someone that simply wants to get down to business.

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