Top 8 Affordable Best Cheap Yoga Mats Reviews

The choice of your yoga mat carries a lot of importance if you’re an adept of this practice. In order for your time spent exercising to be utterly well-spent, you need to opt for a high-quality mat. Imagine doing your regular exercises on a mat which doesn’t provide you with the right comfort and support, it utterly shadows the fulfillment coming with yoga, doesn’t it?

Therefore, you should do your research before considering buying a mat. After all, it’s an important investment. There are a lot of factors you need to take into account: thickness, material, texture, stickiness, eco-friendliness and of course price range. You need a high-qualitative yoga mat, but it needs to be affordable, right? Thus, as the financial factor is one of the focal ones, this article provides you with 8 best cheap yoga mats that will utterly satisfy both your needs and wallet.

Nonetheless, at first, you should get acquainted with the basic aspects that need to be taken into account before you actually begin shopping for best cheap yoga mats.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best affordable cheap yoga mats in budget
  2. Detailed review of best affordable cheap yoga mats in budget
  3. Useful tips for choosing the best inexpensive yoga mats
  4. How to do yoga for begginers(a video)

List Of  Top 8 Best Affordable Cheap Yoga Mats in Budget

Yes4All DRYJ NPR 68 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 0.4 inch Thick$$4.9
Athletic Intuition 72 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 1/3 inch Thick$$$4.8
YogaAccessories 68 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 0.4 inch Thick$$$4.7
Da Vinci 72 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 1/4 inch Thick$$$4.6
Incline Fit 72 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 1/4 inch Thick$$$4.5
YogaAccessories 72 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 1/4 inch Thick$$$4.4
Yes4All 68 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 1/8 inch Thick$$4.3
Sivan Health and Fitness71 inch Long x 24 inch Wide x 1/2 inch Thick$$$4.2

Detailed Of Review Top 8 Best Affordable Cheap Yoga Mats in Budget

NBR Yoga Exercise Mat for Health and Fitness

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This NBR yoga exercise mat is a great bargain at only $15.99. Providing you with a 0.4 inch thickness, is the right choice for yoga enthusiasts who find thick mats more appealing. Also, this feature makes it a suitable choice for all types of yoga practices, as well as other practices, including Pilates.

Another great thing about this mat is that you may use it both on wooden floors and carpets, being equally effective in both ways. Thus, if you’re exercising at home, regardless of your floors, this mat always works at its best. Having a good resistance, it will stay put, while at the same time being utterly comfortable.

Regardless of the fact that it’s a thick mat, which may take up more space, this NBR mat is surprisingly light to carry around to yoga class for a change.

Additionally, its length provides you with the amount of space you need in order to stretch. It does not restrict any of your yoga poses for a change, which is great.

Moreover, it is equipped with state-of-the-art comfort foam technology, which provides you with maximum absorption and equilibrium while exercising. The feel of the mat is smooth and, at this price, it’s undoubtedly a very attractive mat choice.

Athletic Intuition Premium Yoga Mat

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The reason why we included this mat among our selection of best cheap yoga mats is that, at an affordable price of $19.95, this mat offers a great set of attractive features for every yoga enthusiast.

Being furnished with a 1.3 inch thickness, this mat incorporates a very comfortable alternative. The best part about this mat is that regardless of its thickness, it also encompasses the cushioning feature. Thus, it provides your knees with proper comfort and needed support. You won’t experience a sore muscle afterwards, that’s for sure.

Additionally, if your previous yoga mat may have caused you the disturbance of back pain, this will no longer present an issue with this Athletic Intuition Premium Yoga Mat. Your back will be entirely supported, and you’ll get to practice all your favorite yoga poses, without having to suffer from any pain afterwards. Whether you’re sitting, standing or simply laying on the mat, you’ll feel utterly great.

The fact that it’s slip resistant counts as a positive feature as well. It offers excellent grip, especially on sticky floors. This makes it the perfect purchase whether you practice yoga at a studio, or in the privacy of your home.

Lightweight Classic Yoga Mat

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Who thought that a qualitative yoga mat has to be pricy? Luckily, it hasn’t. Among our selection of best cheap yoga mats, this Lightweight Classic Yoga Mat is a great alternative for every wallet for a change. This baby is priced at only $12.99 and is the perfect choice for on-the-go yoga adepts! With a thickness of 3 mm, it’s light and easy to carry around, especially for yoga practitioners who tend to travel a lot.

This mat is more suitable for yoga adepts who wish to feel the floor, while engaging in exercising. Some practitioners find this feature utterly important.

The anti-slip texture is a factor which counts for providing excellent traction, thus helping you maintain your balance throughout most difficult poses. Moreover, this mat is utterly easy to clean, and it also consists of odor and phthalate free inks.

Of course the aspect of the mat’s appearance is equally important – they come in a wide selection of great colors. So you may get your perfect mat at a low price in an awesome color!

Da Vinci Yoga Mat

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What makes this mat such a great choice is that, at only $19.99, it is qualitative, 1/8 thick and comes with free shoulder carry strap, which might come in very handy. Moreover, being SGS tested, it was proven to be phthalates free.

It presents good grip – thus luckily, you won’t have to deal with any slippery accidents. Pleased consumers have indicated that this mat was perfectly preserved after an almost daily use during an entire year. Being resistant, you may even use it to do your exercise outdoors, as some yoga practitioners often prefer a natural setting.

Anti-Slip Exercise Yoga Mat

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As the title of this mat already indicates it, if your previous mat seemed to have caused you troubles with slipping, at only $14.99, this yoga mat is a total bargain! It’s definitely among the best cheap yoga mats out there.

What makes it anti-slippery is its material – phthalate-free and moisture-resistant material count for this mat’s anti-slippery feature and make the cleaning process basically effortless.

The great part about this mat is that at such a great price, it’s an eco-friendly mat – being phthalate, heavy metal and latex free. This is the perfect mat for yoga practitioners who tend to suffer from allergic reactions.

Whether you wish to practice your yoga poses, or use it as a meditation mat, this works both ways. The ¼ thickness offers you the perfect comfort and support for all types of yoga poses. Also, its ideal texture counts as a positive feature, providing you with the stability you need. However, this mat embodies the perfect balance between cushion and anti-slip, which makes it a great choice at a great price.

Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

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If you’re looking for a long yoga mat, this Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat is the perfect choice for you. Being 74” x 24” wide, it provides you with extra length.

Additionally, it incorporates a thickness of 1/4, embodying the cushioning feature a mat needs in order to support your body properly. However, this mat provides you with proper stability to keep still while doing certain balancing poses. Every yoga practitioner knows how difficult it can be to keep balance on a bad mat.

This mat incorporates the perfect balance between too sliding and too sticky. Nonetheless, if you’re thinking of traveling with this mat, that is pretty much impossible, as it’s large and thick, thus it requires more storage space.

Premium PVC Yoga Exercise Mat

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This Premium PVC Yoga Exercise Mat may be purchased for $12.49, as surprising as it may seem. It’s suitable for practicing yoga indoors, outdoors, or even on the carpet. It’s quite a versatile purchase.

You should know that it’s a thin mat – encompassing 3/16 inch thickness. Thus, you will be able to feel the floor while posing, which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for.

Being such a bargain, it’s the best purchase for beginners in particular, as it offers them the possibility to get acquainted with yoga, without being required to spend high sums of money on a mat. Also, being made of PVC, it’s a durable acquisition.

NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat

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This NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat, being 71″ long and 24″ wide, is the ideal purchase for yoga practitioners of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, presenting an ultra thickness of ½, your knees and back will feel comfortable and supported, that’s for sure. You will no longer experience sore muscles.

At $19.99, this mat is suitable for yoga adepts in search of thick, comfortable mats. This makes it work great as a general exercising mat as well. Its thickness and texture are ideal in achieving a good traction for tricky yoga poses. Also, this mat provides you with a suitable stickiness level, helping you keep still, but at the same time enabling you to slide.

Its texture makes it effortless to clean it properly, and being made out of a durable, qualitative material, you will be able to practice yoga on this great mat for a very long time.

What to look for when choosing the best inexpensive yoga mat:

  • Thickness

The reason why thickness is an important aspect is that it has a lot to do with comfort. Just imagine exercising on a slightly thin mat – it will unquestionably hurt your back, especially if you’re not very experienced. However, a yoga mat which is too thick will basically make it impossible for you to feel the floor, being too similar to a mattress. Therefore, finding a balance is utterly significant.

A standard yoga mat presents appreciatively 1/8 inch thickness. The thickest yoga mat may even reach a ¼ inch thickness. Remember that your mat has to suit your body perfectly. It ought to provide you with comfort, whilst at the same time you should be able to feel the floor.

A thicker mat will also take up more storage space. If you plan on traveling with your mat, there are mats especially designed for this exact purpose.

  • Material

When browsing for best cheap yoga mats, always pay attention to their material. You can opt for a standard yoga mat made of PVC – this will inevitably be the one which stands best the test of time, being really resistant. Also, a PVC yoga mat is more likely to be among the stickiest.

Nonetheless, there are also other options you should be aware of – mats made out of organic cotton, which are not as spongy as rubber mats for a change. These are recommendable for people suffering from various allergies.

  • Texture

Texture also plays an important role if you’re shopping for best cheap yoga mats. If you’re keen on sliding and slipping, the way the mat feels on your body is utterly significant. For instance, a bumpy texture can negatively affect a range of moves. You should certainly be aware of the fact that there are many yoga mats suitable for every taste – from utterly rough to absolutely smooth. It’s pretty much up to you.

However, if you’re not that experienced, before proceeding buying a yoga mat, you can think of test driving a couple, in order to know what suits you best.

  • Stickiness

A sticky yoga mat might be an impediment in doing all those sliding moves you utterly enjoy. PVC yoga mats are the ones which are the stickiest. On the other hand, if you rather need assistance in keeping still during some yoga poses, a sticky PVC yoga mat can turn out to be quite helpful in helping you remain static. You should also bear in mind to keep your mat clean at all times. It is important to always wash it before using it, especially if you’re opting for a PVC mat.

  • Eco-friendliness

The large variety of yoga mats offers you the possibility to shop for the best eco-friendly yoga mats. Environmentally-friendly yoga mats are made from organic or recycled rubber. Thus, if you are an adept of such a lifestyle, consider browsing for an eco-friendly yoga mat that meets your requirements. The downside of this sort of yoga mats is that they tend to be quite pricy.

  • Price Range

Price plays an important role when looking for best cheap yoga mats. Let’s face it; you want to get the best deal at the best price. The greatest thing is that you may actually find a qualitative mat which answers your exact specifications.

Now that you know the features a good mat should incorporate, without further ado, let me introduce you to 8 best cheap yoga mats you should consider purchasing. You may think that shopping on a budget may be quite a difficult task, but with the following selection of best cheap yoga mats, you’ll see that it’s an achievable target!

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