Top 10 best snowblowers

When you live in a climate with four seasons, a snowblower becomes an essential investment. It saves you a great deal of time and energy for clearing your driveway and sidewalks, letting you get in and out of your garage without an issue. The problem for many people, however, is trying to find the best snowblowers among the dozens if not hundreds of choices available. Each of the options on this list is one of the top machines to clear your snow.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best snowblowers
  2. Detailed review of best snowblowers
  3. Tips to operating a snowblower

List of top 10 best snowblowers

GreenWorks 260324 years $$$4.9
Snow Joe2 Years$$$$4.8
Toro 38381 2 Years$$4.8
Snow Joe SJ6202 Years$$4.6
Power Smart DB50231 year, limited$$4.5
EarthwiseNot Listed$$4.5
Power Smart DB76511 year, limited$$$$4.5
GreenWorks 2600502 4 years $$4.4
Snow Joe SJ625E2 years $$4.2
Husqvarna ST224 Not Listed$$$$$4.2

Detailed Review Top 6 best snowblowers

#6 – Earthwise 18-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

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This particular snowblower is very effective at clearing your driveway or sidewalk. It can clear a width of 18 inches and a depth of 12 inches, making the job go quickly, even if you have a larger driveway. It will throw the snow up to 16 feet upwards and 30 feet away, so you don’t have to worry about the debris from your snow-clearing covering up an area you already cleared. To ensure this, you can rotate the chute 180 degrees to aim it.

#5 – Power Smart DB5023 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

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This snowblower covers the same width as the previous one (18 inches) but only 9 inches deep. It also features a chute which adjusts 180 degrees and the grip is foam-coated for comfort. It is even easy to carry the Power Smart snowblower due to the oversized handle located near the chute. Due to the 13-amp motor, it can throw snow 30 feet without clogging.

#4 – Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

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At first glance, the Snow Joe device seems like yet another electric snow thrower that covers an 18-inch wide swath. This option, however, is one of the best snowblowers because it runs on a 13.5 amp motor that can move 650 pounds of snow in just a single minute. The rotor is heavy-grade steel with four-blades so you don’t have to worry about it failing to clear a path.

#3 – Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

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Although a bit more expensive than the previous options on this list, this Toro is clearly one of the best snowblowers as it can clear 18-inches with a 12-inch intake height. It is also lightweight and has an ergonomic handle as well as a lift handle, making it easy to move around. The secret to this device is the Power Curve technology which completely clears the pavement without clogging.

#2 – Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower with Rechargeable Ecosharp 40-volt Lithium-Ion Battery

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The great thing about this Snow Joe device is that it is greener than other options. It runs on a rechargeable eco-friendly battery and will give you fifty minutes of running time, all of which is incredibly quiet so you don’t have to worry about waking your neighbors. Like most other snowblowers, it clears an 18-inch wide path. Because it is cordless, you don’t have to worry about extension cords either.

#1 – GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20’’ Corded Snow Thrower

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GreenWorks is responsible for the top item on our list of best snowblowers because it clears 10-inches deep and 20 inches wide, all while being environmentally friendly. The snowblower only weighs 37 pounds so it is easy to carry and move around. There is even a four-year warranty for this particular snowblower, ensuring you get your money’s worth.

After reading about some of the best snowblowers you can find, you should have a better idea of what exactly you are looking for. Within the above options, there is probably one that works perfectly for you. If not, at least keep the brand names, features, and abilities of the top options in mind when making your selection.

Tips to operating a snowblower

These helpful tips will make clearing snow easier, enjoyable, and will keep your driveway look great throughout the winter. It will make your snow removal efforts easier.

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