Top 10 Best Roller Skates for Kids 2021

As a parent, you want your child to have plenty of opportunities to go outside and get exercise in the fresh air and roller skates are one of the most popular methods. All of the best roller skates for kids will have four wheels (or more) on each skate, spread out for additional stability while the rider gets the hang of using them. They tend to be easy to use and put on as well as being an affordable activity. Here are some of the top options for the best roller skates for kids.

Table of Content:

  1. Best roller skates for girls
  2. Best roller skates for boys.
  3. Detailed review of best roller skates for kids and toddlers.
  4. Difference between Quad and Inline Skates.
  5. How to choose the right roller skates size for kids.
  6. Why roller skates are good exercise for kids.
  7. Ten tips for Inline skating

Best Roller Skates for Girls:

(see the boy’s list below)

PictureNameSkate Lock PriceRating (out of 5)
best skates for kidsGirl's Trac StarStrap$$$4.9
best roller skates for girlsFun RollStrap$$$4.9
girls best roller skatesGirl's Fire StarVelcro$$$4.8
roller skates for girlsGirl's Rink SkatesLace$$$4.7
top skates for girlsGirl's Sidewalk SkateLace$$4.6
Roller Derbycam-lever buckle$$$4.6
Roller Derby 1978Velcro & lace$$4.5
XinoSportsVelcro & lace$$$4.5
Mongoosebuckle with power strap$$4.4

Best Roller Skates for Boys:

PictureNameSkate LockPriceRating
Roller Derby Boy's TracerCam-lever buckle$$$$4.9
roller skates for boysBoy's Trac StarBelt$$$4.9
firestar roller skate for boysFireStar Youth Boy'sLace$$$4.8
best roller skates for boysBoy's Sidewalk SkateLace$$$4.8
best roller skates for boysBoy's Fun Roll Belt$$4.7
top roller skates for boysLaser Speed BoysLace$$4.6
Roller Derby Firestar Boy'sVelcro & lace$$4.5
Fisher-Price Grow-With-MeVelcro$$4.4
XinoSportsVelcro & lace$$$4.3

Review of the Best Roller Skates for Kids:

#5 – Roller Derby Firestar Girl’s Roller

best roller skates for kids Buy Now

This roller skate has the popular design of closing with both a shoelace and velcro for ultimate comfort and security, as it lets you easily adjust the tightness. They are white with lavender accents and from man made materials with urethane wheels, giving them the ideal appearance for any child. As a bonus, these skates are incredibly affordable.

Boys version of this roller skate is available here: Boy’s Version

#4 – Chicago Women’s Rink Skate

good roller skates Buy Now

These Chicago skates lace up completely with a traditional lacing pattern and high top boot that provides security and is easy to put on and off. The urethane wheels work just as well outside on the sidewalk as they do inside on your hard floors for rainy days or when your child is still getting the hang of them. They also come with a 30-day warranty, so you don’t have to worry about spending a bit more on the skates. Best of all, these skates are plain white making them great for boys or girls.

Find the boy’s version of this roller skate: Boy’s Version

#3 – Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skatebest roller skates for kids

Buy Now

This is the one of the best roller skates for kids who prefer pink as the strap, stopper, and wheels are all pink, with additional pink accents throughout. What makes these skates a top pick is their adjustability as it means that the skates can actually expand and grow with your child, saving you a great deal of money, particularly if your child loves skating. Best of all, the liner is washable so you don’t have to worry about any odors from not being able to clean the skates properly.

Boy’s version of this roller skate is here: Boy’s Version

#2 – Chicago Girl’s Sidewalk Skate

top roller skates for girlsBuy Now

These comfortable sidewalk skates are designed to look like standard sneakers, but attached to a pair of skates. This means that they include a comfortable athletic boot as well as a padded ankle collar. The wheels on this model are wider than normal so the rider has additional stability and the toe-brakes are safe and reliable making it one of the best roller skates for kids.

Boy’s Chicago sidewalk roller skate can be found here: Boy’s Version

#1 – The Best Roller skates for kids winner – Roller Derby Girl’s Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate

best roller skates for kidsBuy Now

This option from Roller Derby tops the list of best roller skates for kids due to its affordable and adjustability, saving you money upfront on the cost as well as over time as you can simply expand the skate as your child grows. They are perfect for children who love pink and include ankle support as well as soft comfort padding. You easily latch them into place with the cam locking buckles and they are from a reliable company with 80 years in the industry, giving you peace of mind about the quality of the skates.

Boy’s Funroll roller skate is available here: Boy’s Version

Difference Between Quad Roller Skates And Inline Skates

difference between quad inline roller skatesWhen you start looking for roller skates for your children, you will notice that there are two main categories of skates: quad roller skates and inline ones. The main difference between the two is the way that the wheels are arranged on the base of the shoe. Either type of skate can be a good option for a child or adult; it is largely a matter of personal preference. That being said, you will notice that most of the skates for children are quad roller skates as opposed to inline skates.

The Main Difference

As mentioned, the main difference between inline and quad roller skates is the wheel arrangement. On quad skates, there are always four wheels and these are arranged in a 2×2 box with two wheels in front and two in the back. Inline skates, on the other hand, are the ones you typically picture when you think of adult skates. They have four to five wheels which are in a straight line right in the center of the foot, running from the front to back.

In addition to the differing wheel set ups, the brakes tend to be placed in different areas on the two types of skates. Both let your child stop by pressing a piece of rubber or hard plastic on the ground. In quad roller skates, this is a toe stop that is placed in the front of the skate. On inline skates, this is in the form of a heel stop which is placed at the very back of a skate by the heel.

Differences In Balancing

Because of their boxy wheel design, quad skates allow for a stable platform that is wide and makes it easy to achieve balance side to side. Inline skates, on the other hand, create the balance in a line running front to back.

Which Is Ideal?

Choosing between quad skates and inline skates is frequently a matter of personal preference. Generally speaking, people of all ages will find it easier to actually start moving with inline skates. That being said, many younger skaters feel more secure and balanced with quad skates, even if it is slightly harder to move them. Since children aren’t known for having great balance, the vast majority of the skates on the market for younger skaters are quad ones. In fact, you may have a hard time finding inline skates for your child until he or she is a little bit older.

How To Choose The Right Size And Features Of Skates For Kids

Before you decide to buy roller skates for kids, you will need to understand that as with any other type of footwear they will need to be replaced as your child grows. Unfortunately, children grow quickly so you will have to buy your child new skates at least every few years if not more often. There are, however, two good options to reduce the frequency with which you buy child skates.

Should You Buy Large?

A common strategy with children’s clothing is to buy the items slightly too large so your child will grow into them and can wear them for longer. You can do this to some extent with children’s skates, but need to be careful. The general rule is that you should never buy a skate that is more than one size too large for your child since it can lead to injury, hurting your child’s ankles and feet. Loose skates can lead to blisters from rubbing and slipping. If you do buy a size larger for your child to grow into, don’t pad the area with extra socks. Instead, keep the laces tight to support his ankles and feet.

The good news is that finding the right size is typically easy as roller skates tend to have the same sizing numbers as regular shoes. That being said, it is always a good idea to have your child try on the skates before buying them. You can see if they fit properly by asking him to slide his foot all the way forward in the shoe. If you can fit a pencil behind his heel, they are the proper size. If it won’t fit, they are too tight.

Consider Adjustable Skates

One of the most amazing features available on roller skates for kids is size adjustability. These skates will typically cover two to four different sizes of skates. They will have various straps and pieces that you can loosen over time to make the skate bigger as your child’s foot grows. This is a great way to save money if your child loves skating.

Why Roller Skates Are Good Exercise For Kids

If you are concerned about your child getting enough exercise and having fun at the same time, then roller skates are a great option. A pair of skates is more affordable than some other athletic supplies and they will even give your child a feeling of freedom since he will be able to skate to a friend’s house, with your permission. Roller skating also provides plenty of health benefits.

Works The Entire Body

Unlike some exercises that target a specific area of the body, roller skating will actually work everything. It obviously targets the glutes and legs, but since your arms move while skating, they also get a workout. It also helps your child’s heart stay active, boosting cardiovascular health and endurance. At the same time roller skating helps your child with coordination, agility, and balance.

Great For Socializing

Roller skating is also a good choice of exercise because it lets your children be social, with or without a competition. Your child can skate around the neighborhood with friends or race them down your driveway. You can also roller skate as a family and all get a good workout.

Can Do It Anywhere

Because roller skates are small, you can use them nearly anywhere. A pair of child’s skates is much easier to take to the park then their bicycle or even a scooter or skateboard; they easily fit in a backpack instead of taking up the entire trunk. Your child can skate outside in nice weather or inside at a rink or any smooth surface in your home during the cold weather, letting them enjoy this fun exercise year round.

Easy On Joints

Roller skating is also one of the forms of exercise that is easy on your child’s joints. If you encourage her to run or dance, she will be exposed to harsh, jarring impacts that can hurt her joints over time. Roller skating, however, is a smooth and fluid motion without any damage to joints.

Now that you have an idea of what the best roller skates for kids look like, you are ready to go out and make your purchase. You should find exactly what you are looking for from at least one of the options on this list. If you choose to venture off the list, just keep in mind the features that make these skates the best and be sure to look for those.

Ten tips for inline skating

Here’s the ten tips to skate correctly, safely and with fun.

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