Finding The Best Manual Treadmills

If you think you have found the best manual treadmills, then you may need to take another look. You can only be sure that you have truly selected the right option once you know the information it can track as well as the information you want to know, its power source, the options in terms of speed and incline, how large it is, and how much storage space it requires. To help you find the best options for manual treadmills, these options can get you started.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best manual treadmills
  2. Detailed review of best manual treadmills
  3. How Manual Treadmills are better than other treadmills.

List of best manual treadmills

Weslo CadenceDrive motor, Parts , Labor are warranted for 90 days of purchase$$$4.9
LifeSpanLifetime on the frame and motor, 3 - years on parts, 1 -year on labor$$$$4.8
ConfidenceNot Listed$$4.7
Phoenix 98510 90 days parts warranty, 1 -year frame warranty$$4.6
ProForm3-Year Parts Warranty and 1-Year Labor Warranty$$$$4.5
Horizon Fitness Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 2- year parts, 1 - year labor$$$$4.4
Weslo Cadence G 5.9Not Listed$$4.4
Sunny Health & FitnessYes$$$$4.3
Exerpeutic TF10005-year motor and frame warranty$$$$4.0
StaminaOne-year frame warranty; 90-day parts warranty$$3.9

Detailed review of best manual treadmills

#6 – Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

best manual treadmill

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Part of the reason the Horizon Fitness treadmill is considered one of the best manual treadmills is its ability to fold for easy storage combined with the quiet performance, perfect for those who use a treadmill while their housemates are still sleeping. This treadmill can incline up to 10 percent with speeds going up to 10 mph. There are also 30 built in programs to choose from as well as heart rate monitoring and Sonic Surround Speakers. With a 300 pound weight limit, even those starting their weight loss journey can use this treadmill.

#5 – ProForm Power 995c Treadmill

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This ProForm treadmill offers an even higher weight limit at 350 pounds and it was designed with space-saving in mind. There is the ability to quickly adjust the incline from zero to fifteen percent as well as QuickSpeed controls (up to 12 mph). The console is even compatible with iFit, making it perfect for those who track their fitness with that app. Even the display is large (7’’) so you can view it more easily.

#4 – Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill
top best manual treadmills

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This is one of the best manual treadmills for those who are on a budget or tight on space. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it also folds upright for easy storage and includes wheels to help you roll it in and out of storage. You are able to completely control your pace with this manual treadmill and the display will tell you your speed, time, distance, and calories burned.

#3 – Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

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In terms of treadmills with a motor, this is one of the most affordable options you will find. It also folds down so it takes up less room than a full-size electric one. Keep in mind that this treadmill only supports a weight up to 250 pounds, so some beginners may not be able to use it. It is sturdy enough, however, that most beginners will find the treadmill supports their weight.

#2 – LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill
best manual treadmills

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Although this option is a bit more expensive, it is well worth the price as it is one of the best manual treadmills. It folds to maximize your space for running while minimizing storage space. The LCD console is multicolored and tracks speed, distance, time, and calories as well as other factors. It also multiple programs within the system including those for heart rate, sports training, healthy living, and weight loss. There are 15 incline levels and the ability to go up to 11 mph as well as a heart rate tracker.

#1 – Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

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This manual treadmill is at the top of the list for its perfect balance of budget and features. The deck includes a comfort cell cushion, making using it slightly lower impact. It is designed to save space by folding and lets you adjust the incline into two positions. Even the LCD display is large so you can quickly view the most important statistics for your workout.

How Manual Treadmills Are Better Than Other Treadmills

When you start to look at the best treadmills for your needs, you will be forced to choose between a manual one and a motorized one. Most people are under the impression that motorized treadmills are more popular and you tend to find more of them in gyms, but that doesn’t mean they’re better. In fact, manual treadmills are the clear winner when you take a closer look at the all benefits you get by choosing a manual treadmill instead of another one.

Much More Affordable

In nearly every single case, a motorized or automatic treadmill will be more expensive than a manual one. In fact, a manual treadmill may be several hundred dollars cheaper; you can find options for less than $100 if you look in the right place. This means that manual treadmills offer an affordable option for every budget out there. Despite being much cheaper, manual treadmills let you do everything you can do on an automatic one.

You Control Your Speed

Some people may be intimidated by the fact that you control your own speed on a manual treadmill. With automatic ones, you choose how fast you want to go and input the information, and then the belt moves at the appropriate rate. While this does put you in control, you have even more control with a manual treadmill. You don’t need to input anything into the machine if you want to change speeds; just increase your pace like you would if you were running, jogging, or walking outside.

Easy To Store And Move

Manual treadmills weigh much less than automatic or motorized ones, largely because they don’t require a heavy motor. Because you don’t need to plug them into an electrical outlet, you can place the treadmill anywhere you want, whether it is the middle of the living room far from any outlets or even outside. Manual treadmills also take up less room than other options and are more likely to fold in half for easy storage or have wheels that let you move them with ease.


Because you control the speed of a manual treadmill, they are largely considered to be safer to use then motorized ones. The belt will not move faster than you can keep up with since there is no motor propelling it and this limits the risk of an accident. If you have children, then a manual treadmill is a much better choice since children tend to reach out for the moving belt of a motorized treadmill, which can lead to a severe friction burn.

All The Normal Health Benefits

In addition to all these advantages over a motorized treadmill, manual treadmills still provide all the same health benefits. Having a treadmill at home lets you exercise no matter what the weather is like and without having to go to a gym. It helps with your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Because manual treadmills require a little extra effort to get started, your legs and the rest of your lower body will get an even better workout than with an automatic one. Walking or jogging on a manual treadmill will also promote weight loss, keep your limbs flexible, and reduce your risk of disease.

Now that you know what the best manual treadmills look like, you are better prepared to find the right one for you. All options will track distance, time, and pace, but the best will also include heart rate monitors and be compact. Simply consider which of the above options is right for you and you will be ready to go. Along with running on these treadmills you should also consider running and exercising outdoors with your kids with theirs best roller skates for kids.

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