Top 10 Best Fitness Bands 2017

Fitness bands are similar to fitness watches, in that they will track your activities and frequently show the time as well. Their main advantage is their narrow size and longer battery life, letting you wear them for days at a time without even noticing they are there. Finding the best fitness bands 2017 doesn’t need to be a challenge, even with all the options on the market. This list is a good starting point, showing you the top choices.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best fitness bands
  2. Detailed review of best fitness bands

List of best fitness bands

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless$$$4.0
Fitbit Flex$$3.9
UP 24 by Jawbone$3.8
Forestfish Smart Wristband$3.7
Polar Loop$3.6
Fitbit Charge Wireless$$$3.4

Detailed reviews of best fitness bands

#6 – Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Slate

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This sleek fitness band from Garmin can be worn 24/7 due to its comfort, water resistance, and the color choices. You won’t need to charge the battery for over a year, even with regular use, saving you a hassle and the display is incredibly easy to read. This is one of the best fitness bands 2017 that also monitors your sleep and lets you set goals. It even has a Move Bar to encourage you to stay active.

#5 – Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker

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This band makes the list because of its comfort and versatility. You can make it fit your wrist exactly how you want with three sizes to choose from and there are easy-to-insert links to help you fine tune the fit. The sizing tool and USB charging cable are included and you can connect the tracker to your smartphone with Bluetooth. The device lets you track your workouts and activity and enjoy the social aspects of Nike+.

#4 – Polar Loop Activity Tracker

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Polar Loop sells this affordable activity tracker that you simply wear on your wrist. It tracks your activity all day long, giving you motivation and guidance. It displays your calories burned, the number of steps taken, and feedback on your activity and even monitors your sleep. The bracelet is custom fit for comfort and can be worn during swimming. It doesn’t include a heart rate sensor, but is compatible with one to make it a truly versatile device.

#3 – Forestfish fitness tracker review – Forestfish(™) Bluetooth Sync Smart Bracelet Sports Fitness Tracker Smart Wristband Water Resistant Tracker Bracelet Sleep Monitoring Anti-lost Smart Watch

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This is one of the best fitness bands 2017 that tells you many of its uses right in its name. It works all day long, tracking your quality and time of sleep, distance walked, steps taken, and calories burned. There is also a remote camera and video option and the ability to connect the tracker to your smartphone for alerts when you have an incoming call. This fitness band offers some unique features as well, such as helping you find your phone, giving you a lost warning, and creating tasks.

#2 – UP 24 by Jawbone – Bluetooth Enabled – Small – Retail Packaging – Onyx

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By offering different sizes, you can select this UP 24 band that fits your wrist perfectly for comfort. The device will track sleep, calories burned, steps, and exercise. You can also use it with UP App Food Score which tracks nutrients and calories. The system also uses Smart Coach and Smart Alarm for waking up and Idle Alert reminds you to move around.

#1 – Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black

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One of the things that makes this one of the best fitness bands 2017 is that it comes with two wrist bands of different sizes so you can select the one that fits you correctly and stay comfortable. The system monitors your sleep length and quality as well as your distance walked, steps taken, calories burned, and the minutes you are active. There is a silent alarm function to wake you up without disturbing your partner.

Any of these best fitness bands 2017 would be a great addition to your workout regimen. You can either pick an item from the list or find a similar one from the same manufacturer. Either way, you will be well on your way to meeting your goals.

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