Top 10 Best Cycling Helmets 2017

Simply having the best bicycle available isn’t enough; in order to truly have fun riding your bike, you need to be safe while doing so. The easiest way to do accomplish this goal is to always wear a helmet, but not any helmet will do. The best cycling helmets are strong enough to protect you if you happen to get into a biking accident, but still lightweight so they don’t strain your neck. Here are the top choices that you will find from some of the best manufacturers.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best cycling helmets
  2. Detailed review of best cycling helmets
  3. How to clean your bike or cycling helmet(a video)

Comparison Chart of Best Cycling Helmets

Schwinn ThrasherNot listed$$$5.0
AGPtek PVC.EPS$$4.9
Giro Air AttackIn-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner$$$4.8
Image Men's Cycling HelmetPVC.EPS$$$4.7
V-Share Adult Ajustable PVC.EPS$4.6
HuntHawk Light WeightPVC.EPS$4.5
Giro RevelIn-Mold polycarbonate shell with polystyrene liner$$$4.5
Giros SavantIn-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner$$$4.5
Giro FeatureIn-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner$$$4.4
Giro TrinityPolycarbonate shell with EPS foam$$$4.4

Detailed review of Best Cycling Helmets:

#5 – Bill & Candy Cycling MTB Road Bicycle Helmet Riding Equipment Male And Female Models (Head Circumference 56-62 cm and the Head-width Below 17.5cm)

best cycling helmet

Boy’s version

This particular helmet uses special technical material to optimize its impact resistance. The special design also takes wind tunnels, ducts, and ultra-lightweight into mind to create a reduced wind resistance and make it easier to ride. There is even an optional visor that you can snap on or off to help block out the sun. As long as your head circumference is within the given range, you can easily adjust the foam layer to fit.

#4 – Bill & Candy Adult Adjustable Bike Helmet

best cycling helmet

Boy’s version

This helmet is similar to the previous one in that it is adjustable to fit adults with a head circumference between 56 and 63 centimeters. It also features the same wind-resistant design and impact resistant materials. A bonus with this helmet, however, is that there are 18 flow vents spread throughout the helmet so you don’t have to worry about sweating underneath it.

#3 – IMAGE Men Adult Cycling Bicycle Silver PVC EPS Protecting Helmet With Visor

good cycling helmets

Boy’s version

Image offers an affordable helmet that like the previous ones uses EPS protection for optimal impact resistance. The foam density is strong and the helmet itself is not brittle, letting it do an excellent job at protecting you if you should crash. There are smart vents to help you stay cold and protection from dust, rain, and wind in addition to typical crash protection

#2 – Giro Air Attack Helmet

top cycling helmet

Boy’s version

Those looking for sleek options among the best cycling helmets will love the Giro Air Attack. This has a design that is wind tunnel-aided and includes X-Static comfort padding which you can remove. There is an EPS liner and featherweight webbing so the helmet doesn’t weigh you down. It also includes six vents to help you remain cool as well as internal channeling.

#1 – AGPtek Fashion and Cool Adult Bicycle black/silver Helmet – High-quality Foam Layer, Smart Vents, Adjustable Rotary Internal Regulator

best cycling helmets

Boy’s version

The AGPtek helmet tops the list of best cycling helmets for its incredible affordability, as it is significantly cheaper than the other options on the list. Despite this, it still includes the same great design and has been tested for crashworthiness. The EPS makes the helmet impact resistant and the design is also wind-resistant. It is flexible and easy to use with the adjustable rotary internal regulator and the webbing is easy to adjust as well. Perhaps best of all, this helmet even looks stylish.

Even if you already have a helmet, you need to make sure that it is one of the top options. Only the best cycling helmets will truly keep you safe while riding your bike so you can keep on riding, even if you fall or get into a crash. Each of the above options is adjustable to fit most head sizes, letting you choose between any of them depending on your preference.

How to clean your bike or cycling helmet

Let’s learn how to clean the different parts of cycling helmets.

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