10 Top Best Beginner Mountain Bikes of 2017

Whether you are a casual mountain biker or go on trips every weekend, you need a sturdy and the best mountain bikes that can handle your adventures. The top rated mountain bikes and best beginner mountain bikes of 2017 will provide a sturdy frame for safety, a comfortable seat for longer rides, and still be lightweight enough to take with you to distant mountains in search of adventure.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best beginner mountain bikes
  2. Detailed review of best beginner mountain bikes
  3. Features to consider when buying a mountain bike.
  4. Mountain bike handling tips for beginners

List of best beginner mountain bikes

26" wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike$$$4.9
Schwinn Men's High Timber Mountain Bike$$$$4.8
Stowabike 26"$$$$4.7
Diamondback Bicycles$$$4.6
Diamondback Overdrive Sport$$$$4.5
Schwinn $$$$4.4
Diamondback Bicycles$$$$4.3
Merax® Finiss$$$$4.3
Merax® Finiss 26"$$$$4.2
Schwinn Protocol $$$$4.0

Detailed review of best beginner mountain bikes

#7 – Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Axis Sport Mountain Bike with 27.5-Inch Wheels

best beginner mountain bikes

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This Diamondback Bicycle is a top-of-the-line choice for mountain bikers. The 160mm rear rotors and 180 mm front rotors work together to ensure the DB-1 Hydraulic Disc Brakes keep you completely safe, even if you need to stop suddenly. The 27.5 inch wheels let you get improved traction while still being nimble and quick and is therefore one of our best beginner mountain bike and has therefore earned a place in our list of best mountain bikes for beginners.

#6 – Schwinn Women’s High Timber Mountain Bike, Silver, Small

top beginner mountain bikes

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This is one of the top rated mountain bikes 2017 due to its affordability and quick release saddle to let you easily adjust the height. The handling of this bike is responsive and the wheels are 26 inches. Stopping is fine with the alloy linear pull brakes and the grip shifters include 21 different speeds that can be quickly and smoothly changed.

#5 – Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Overdrive Sport Mountain Bike 29-Inch Wheels

beginner mountain bike reviews

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The 29 inch wheels of this bike let it easily get over any type of obstacle that may be in your path, whether it is a root or rock. You also get incredible speed and traction, while the special travel suspension fork helps the wheels counter the smaller obstacles.

#4 – Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

beginner mountain bike reviews

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This is one of the best beginner mountain bikes 2017 for those looking to find more aggressive trails that require full suspension. The full-suspension is what really makes this particular mountain bike stand out from the crowd and this bike includes four inches for suspension travel to soak up some of the obstacles in your path.

#3 – Stowabike 26’’ Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike 18 Speed Shimano Bicycle

good beginner mountain bike

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This is one of our best beginner mountain bikes because it folds to make life easier, whether you are finding storage space for the bike in a small important or trying to take it with you on public transportation or in a small car. Despite folding, this bike is incredibly strong with a a Microshift 3 speed grip shifter on one side and a Microshift 6 speed on the other side.

#2 – Schwinn Men’s High Timber Mountain Bike, Grey, Medium

top mountain bike for beginner

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Another affordable mountain bike from Schwinn, this bike has a SR Suntour suspension fork to give you controlled riding. There are 21 speeds and the rear derailleur lets you quickly change gears. Between the large tires and the responsive handling, you can easily ride this mountain bike on any terrain and hence is on our list of best beginner mountain bikes.

#1 – 26’’ Wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike, Black – The best beginner mountain bike winner

best beginner mountain bikes

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This bike is the best beginner mountain bike due to its incredible versatility, giving a comfortable ride whether you are riding around your neighborhood or tackling tough trails. The suspension fork helps smooth out any obstacles while the tire tread grips the dirt without an issue.

Features To Consider When Purchasing The Best Beginner Mountain Bike

You know that a mountain bike can be expensive, which is why it is so important to pick the right one. The best mountain bikes will keep you safe on your adventures, be affordable, and have an impressive array of features. By learning which features are the most important for a mountain bike, you will be better able to make an informed purchase. Here are these most important features to consider for your next mountain bike.

Mountain Bike Style

There are three main types of mountain bikes so you need to figure out which style is right for you. You can look at a XC, All Mountain/Trail, or Downhill bike. Mountain bikes are also sometimes divided by the suspension type into full suspension (featuring shock absorbers in the front and rear), hardtail (featuring a suspension fork in front), and rigid (without suspension). To choose the right style, simply consider where you plan to use your bike the most.

If you prefer to maximize comfort and control, you will want to go with a full suspension model. That being said, more affordable hardtail bikes will pedal more efficiently and be lighter.

Wheel Size

A very important feature is the size of the wheel on your mountain bike. Not too long ago, all adult ones had 26 –inch wheels. Today, you can also get 29-inch wheels which give you slower acceleration but let you travel further in a shorter amount of time. They are better at keeping up their momentum and can roll over obstacles on the trail more easily. Those in search of a middle ground can choose 27.5-inch wheels, which are easier to maneuver than 29-inch ones but get over terrain better than 26-inch ones.

Frame Material

Another feature is the material of the frame. This will affect the price of the mountain bike as well as its weight, longevity, strength, and ride quality. Aluminum alloy frames are the most popular because it has a good balance of all features. Steel frames are cheaper, but heavy. Titanium frames are strong and light but expensive. Carbon fiber ones are also light weight and strong but expensive, but popular for fat bikes, cross-country bikes, and high-end ones for trails and mountains.


There are several types of brakes available on mountain bikes: rim and disc brakes. Disc brakes are newer and give you more stopping force. They are, however, more expensive, meaning that many people still prefer the traditional rim brakes.

Shifting And Gears

You need to figure out what type of shifting system for your mountain bike you are most comfortable with. You can find options with thumb shifters, twist shifters, paddle shifters, and trigger shifters.


Weight has been mentioned in some of the other features to consider when purchasing a mountain bike, but it is important enough to consider by itself. Most people prefer a lighter bike since that makes it much easier to transport. Light bikes will be easier to maneuver while riding and easier to lift up and place inside your car or on a bike rack.

Before you head out on your next biking trail, be sure that you have one of the top rated mountain bikes 2017 to take with you. Each of the above options would be an excellent purchase for hours of fun on any dirt path, including those with tough obstacles. Just be sure to wear a helmet for safety and you will be on your way to adventure and yes, don’t forget to purchase the best lock for your bikes as well.

Mountain bike handling tips for beginners

Here are the super ten essential tips for the mountain bike riders. These tips and skills will help beginners to improve their riding

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