Backpacks With Lots Of Pockets and Compartments 2019 – Top 10 Best

multi pocket backpacksWhether you want a best backpack for college, school, work, or traveling, picking a model with a lot of compartments will make life much easier. Compartments help you stay organized so you don’t have to go digging for pens and pencils, your smartphone, or your computer charger. Most stores have a reasonable selection of backpacks, but to find the best backpacks with lots of compartments, you need to go online. Each of these bags has enough zippered pockets to prevent losing your items while keeping your valuables hidden from prying eyes or would-be thieves.

Table of content:

  1. List of backpacks with lots of compartments or pockets.
  2. Detailed review of each backpack with lots of compartments and/or pockets.
  3. Why should you choose multi-compartment backpacks.
  4. How to organize your backpack

List of Backpacks with lots of compartments and pockets:

best livewell 360 backpackThe Backpack by Live Well 360$$5.0
High Sierra Swerve$$4.9
Targus Legend IQ$4.8
Wild River 3606 $$$4.8
High Sierra$$$4.6
AmazonBasics $4.5
Artone Canvas Tribal Stripes $4.5

Detailed review of backpacks with lots of pockets.


#6 – AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack – Fits Up To 17-Inch Laptops

backpacks with many pocketsmulti pocket backpack


This is one of the top 10 best backpacks with lots of compartments because its stylish and professional appearance means you can use it to bring your computer to work or school. The backpack is large and has many compartments, including a padded laptop sleeve that will fit a notebook up to 17-inches wide. There are additional compartments to keep your keys, phone, and pens organized as well as side mesh water bottle pockets.

#5 – High Sierra XBT TSA Backpack

best backpacks with many compartmentsmulti pockets backpack

Some of the top 10 best backpacks with lots of compartments make it easier than others to fly with technology and this is a perfect example. The special laptop compartment will not only fit the majority of 17-inch laptops, but it is also designed to be TSA-approved so you can leave your notebook in your bag while going through security thanks to the Tech Spot tablet computer sleeve. There is also a zippered accessory pocket and a compartment with various organization areas and a key fob.

#4 – Wild River 3606 Multi-Tackle Large Backpack

backpacks with many pocketsBackpacks With Lots Of Compartments


Although this backpack isn’t designed to hold a computer, it is ideal for those who love the outdoors and need a bag with lots of compartments when hiking, fishing, or doing other outdoor activities. The large lower tray compartment holds up to four trays in the #3600 style while the upper storage area has a removable divider that lets you convert the backpack to store large items. there is also a convenient front pocket cover that gives you a work surface and clear internal pocket for maps to stay visible and dry.

#3 – Targus Legend IQ Backpack Fits Up To 16-Inch Laptop, Black (TSB705US)

multi compartment backpacksbackpack with many pockets


In addition to holding a laptop that is up to 16-inches, there is also a designated compartment for your tablet. There is even a convenient spot in the shoulder strap that will let you easily listen to music from most MP3 players. The strap adjusts for comfort and has the spot for your MP3 player as well as an area for sunglasses. Best of all, this is one of the top 10 best backpacks with lots of compartments that include a limited lifetime warranty. This is also one of our top rated backpacks for laptops.

#2 – High Sierra Swerve Backpack

Backpacks With Lots Of Compartmentsmulti pocket backpack


This backpack is available in 20 different patterns to match your style and has multiple compartments through out. There is a Tech Spot tablet and computer sleeve integrated right into the bag for easy, protective storage of your electronics as well as a Cushion Zone computer sleeve that will fit the majority of 17-inch laptops. You will also find a media pocket with its headphone port and a multiple pocket organizer.

#1 –The Backpack by Live Well 360

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This particular backpack is made of durable ballistic nylon that can support the full weight of the bag without a concern. It is large enough to fit a 16-inch laptop in the laptop compartment. It also has a dedicated shoe compartment, an inner cell phone pocket, an interior wallet pocket, two side pockets, and a front zipper pocket. The bag is also very stylish and I highly recommend it because it is big, stylish, has lot of compartment, durable and can be doubled up as a gym/sports bag as well.

If you want one of the top 10 best backpacks with lots of compartments, then any of these options will be a great choice. Simply think about whether you want a dedicated laptop compartment or plan on using the backpack for outdoor adventures. You should also consider how and where you will use the bag and your overall style. Also, check out this post of the top backpacks for gym and work.

Why Choose Backpacks With Lots Of Pockets? What Are The Uses Of Such Backpacks?

Any review of backpacks will tell you that the best ones have plenty of compartments. In fact, manufacturers and sellers alike use the number of pockets as a huge selling point. If you have only had bags with a few large pockets in the past, then you may not understand why this is such a strong selling point. By adding to the organization of your bag, pockets in backpacks make life easier and let you use the bag for nearly anything.

Easily Find Items

The biggest reason to choose a backpack with a lot of pockets is for organization. If each of your items has a designated pocket, you can easily find it. You won’t have to go digging through the entire bag in search of your keys, pencils, or cell phone. The more pockets a bag has, the better you can organize your backpack. Since you know exactly where everything is, you will save time if you need something in a hurry, making life much easier.

Reduce Risk Of Damage To Items

In addition to making it easier to find things in your bag, backpacks with lots of pockets also prevent damage to various objects. Imagine for a second that you have to throw everything in a single large compartment in your bag. That’s where your laptop, keys, water bottle, and lunch are. The water bottle could accidentally open and get everything wet. The keys could scratch your laptop or stab your lunch. The sandwich in your lunch may get squished by the weight of the laptop. If you have a bag with numerous compartments, none of these things are a concern since every item will be in its designated spot. Your keys won’t scratch anything, your laptop will be protected from other items by a sleeve of some sort, and your water bottle will be in an exterior pocket of the bag where it can’t leak on anything.

If you plan on traveling with your backpack, having numerous compartments is even more necessary. It lets you keep shoes away from other items so they don’t get your clean clothes or underwear dirty. It also lets you separate clean and dirty clothes from each other.

Hidden Compartments Keep Your Items Secure

Many backpacks with lots of compartments will have some interior zippers as well. These hidden compartments are perfect for hiding your valuables, such as your phone, passport, or wallet. If would-be thieves can’t access the hidden pocket, they can’t steal your items.

Ideal Uses

Because of the endless organization options, backpacks with plenty of pockets are ideal for anything. Students will appreciate having a spot for their laptop, another for books, and notebooks, and another for pens and pencils. Business people will enjoy the ability to separate important files, bring their laptop to work safely, and have room for their lunch. Travelers in particular will notice the advantages of bags with pockets. You can put your liquids in an easy-to-reach pocket so it is easy to grab them before going through security. You can place valuables like your passport in a hidden pocket and put items like your camera in a pocket that gives you easy access when you want to snap a picture. Essentially, anyone who values organization will love a backpack with pockets.

How to organize your backpack

Here’s the few tips on how to organize your backpack accurately.

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