The Key to Success in College—Organization

The college years are often dramatized in popular media as a giant party with no cares, no worries, and no repercussions for lax living. But the reality is that the collegiate years of a student can be the most important years in determining the entire future career of the individual.

Slacking off and being irresponsible during the collegiate years is the best way to ensure a mediocre job with mediocre earnings. Those students who understand the importance of learning the material of their degree and succeeding in college will find that the remainder of their lives will be greatly and positively affected by their hard work during their college experience.

And one of the best ways that a student can increase their likelihood of succeeding in college is by becoming organized in their daily actions. By cleaning up their studies, both literally and figuratively, a student will be able to accomplish more, learn more, and find success in college.

One of the first steps that a student can take to plug some organization into their collegiate studies is by literally cleaning up around them. A cluttered dorm or apartment, work space, or study desk can be not only a distraction but also a detriment to effective study as a large portion of time is spent looking for needed material in a pile of scattered files.

Some studies have even shown that a clean living and working space reduces the stress put on an individual in that environment. With mitigated stress levels a student will be able to cope with the other stressors that occur naturally during college, such as exams, term papers, and finals.

Beyond literally cleaning up their act, a student wishing to become more organized in an effort to perform well in school can learn the beneficial art of planning and scheduling. Alright, it may not be an art, but planning and scheduling are vital aspects of the organized and successful person.

By having a plan in place and a schedule set up to accomplish that plan, a student will be able to accomplish more tasks and learn more effectively. Due dates abound in college, and missing even one can greatly diminish the overall score received in a class.

When a student has scheduled out their activities to accomplish specific assignments they can be secure in knowing that every due date will be reached and every test planned for. To help in this organizational tool to success, a student should consider investing in an online scheduling software program or daily planner.

An online scheduling software program can be used to great effect by a student because all of the information of a planner will be available online. This means that no matter where the student is they will be able to access their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules through the internet and take the appropriate actions to complete those scheduled tasks.

By literally cleaning up the area around them and by cleaning up their jumbled schedules, a college student will be able to learn more and achieve more both in and after their collegiate experience.

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