Textbook or-Deals

Back to class means back to work and more purchasing of textbooks; but did you know- you don’t have to purchase them from your bookstore? With the new modern technology present, there are multiple ways one can save money on textbooks that you need for school.

Textbook Rentals: One way to save money is to rent your textbooks. Most bookstores allow you to rent the textbook so that you don’t have to pay the full amount for a textbook if you were to purchase it on your own. For some dollars less you can purchase the book temporarily and return it in 90 to 120 days.

E-book Rentals: Similar to the textbook rentals, websites such as Amazon allows textbooks to be transferred onto devices such as the Kindle or kindle applications on phones and desktops. For a one time fee, you are allowed to rent textbooks from 30 to 90 days. After that, the e-book will either delete itself or the code will expire.

Electronic Book Purchases: Textbooks are able to be purchased for your I-pad, I-phone, Netbook, Kindle, Nook, and any other electronic device you are able to get the book on for permanently. This textbook does not expire unlike the E-book rental.

Used textbook purchase from 3rd party website: Websites such as Amazon, Half.com, Chegg, and Textbooks.com have texts that have been barely used or slightly used for your use. Sometimes these websites have the text brand new at a cheaper price by a few dollars. During high peak seasons such as the beginning or end of a semester, shipping is sometimes free. These websites allow you to gain a bargain on textbooks and sell them back at a great percentage of the cost.

Multiple ways one can save money on textbooks that you need for school

I have included an example of a textbook I have for class and the pricing so that you can see how helpful online purchasing is.

Foundations of Addiction Counseling (2nd Edition)

Publisher Price: 109.20

Amazon’s Price: 83.56

Used Text Amazon Price: 76.79

E Textbook Rental: 52.79

Rent a Textbook for Quarter: 40.05

Kindle / Electronic: 40.86


You can pay almost 60% less of the publishing price for text by using these resources.



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