Starting Over in Spring Semester

Looking for some key things to get over your “Fall Hiccups”?

” First semester I didn’t do well, I could have done better!” “I didn’t realize I had all the resources I have now.” …. Sounds like you? Well don’t worry you are not the only one. As a freshman or just being in your fall semester, sometimes you don’t know all the resources nor methods to improve in certain things effectively. At this rate, you should have or be discovering certain resources that can prevent you from having a similar semester. Here’s some key things to get over your “Fall Hiccup.”

  1. Study Habits: Now at first you may not have realized that your studying tactics were not the best but luckily you have gotten past trying to figure it out. Peace and quiet may work for you better and the library is one of the best spots where you can assure you will get that special treatment. You may also know whether or not you are a last minute studier and can see the point that takes you. Finding or forming study groups prior to a test or making it a semester-long study session can be a successful way to learn amongst your peers when a professor is not present.

  2. On-campus Resources: What is the use of attending college and paying money when you aren’t using resources available to you?! A lot of colleges provide you with tutors in the subject matter that have mastered courses you are taking and can help you improve that last test score or assignment grade. These tutors are sometimes free when provided by the university and it’s your tution that pays them- use them! Another way to improve on your literary skills can be using the writing center. Sometimes the writing center is located in the library and can assist you clearing up those grammatical errors or even learning about certain writing styles. The next time you are struggling with a APA style paper- take it to your writing center.

  3. Activities: Some people are so over-whelmed that they don’t know how to balance work and fun so they eliminate the other- BAD idea! We as people need to have a little fun or find an activity outside of work. If you have been the loner on campus and have beat yourself up about not mixing and mingling, there are small activities that can benefit you other than partying. Utilizing your gym whether on campus or off can release tension you have bottled up and keep you healthy on the same notion. This can be a way for you to meet people while relaxing. Other activity recommendations can be to join or start your own club based on a like that you have that will not consume all of your time.

  4. Use your professor and advisors: You may not have taken advantage of the fact that your faculty is there to help you last semester so this may be the time. If you have a question, it’s alright to email, phone, or set a meeting with your professor or advisor to answer questions regarding your grade, major, or career goals in life. These professors and advisors have been where you have and don’t mind answering things you are unsure of. It allows you to remain on track.


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