[Pictures] iPhone 6 with iOs 8 Leaked

With the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones it is right to say that mobile phones have revolutionized the present generation. However it hasn’t stopped there as the connectivity has been taken to a next level by the smart phones bringing in recreation to the user alongside connectivity.  And the induction of I-phones have revolutionized the smart phone market making people go gung-ho about its features and hazing its competitors in the market.

It is interesting to note that the hype created before the launch of an iPhone is at par with football world cup final eve or day before the film Harry Potter or Hunger Games release. And now with the much speculated launch of iPhone 6 the frenzy atmosphere has begun even a month before. Now the feverishness is at the pinnacle with all the eyeballs and eardrums focused on any news about this Jesus phone. iPhone and expectations are in tandem. The previous models failed to elicit good response unanimously, but that does not deter the expectation surrounding this I phone. So on the eve of its release let us have a sneak peak in to its probable features.

Just before its release the rumor mongers seem to be very busy posting pictures and features whose veracity is still not confirmed. However going by the leaked pictures of iPhone 6 it suggests that there is no sea change compared to its pedigree models but there are likely to be some feature enhancements.

iphone 6 leaked front view

I phone 6 (Front View)


One of the key features of iPhone 6 is that it promises to be lighter than the previous 5s version thereby making it easy for the user to use it in one hand

The Apple’s fingerprint sensor known as TouchID enables the user to unlock the phone and purchase from the App store. In iPhone 6 the TouchID sensor is expected to be more durable and also possess a better fingerprint recognition. We hope that such a feature would make all financial transactions more foolproof.

There has been a presumption that Apple would launch 2 iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch model and 5.5 inch model. However users seem to be comfortable with larger screens and a bigger display. Hence Apple seems to be contemplating about the 4.7 inch model. Also a more durable and scratch resistant Sapphire Glass is presumed to be used for display in order to address the broken screen issues.

The existing iPhone 5s has an 8MP sensor making it to be one of the best camera phones. However with iOS 8 operating system Apple is expected to improve its configuration with a 16 MP sensor for a better resolution.

iPhone has not undergone a much of overhaul since the launch of iPhone 4 except iPhone 5c which was launched with a plastic body. With leaked pictures speculations have been rife that iPhone 6 is said to be slimmer and has a metal body with power button shifted to the side.

iphone 6 side view

iPhone 6  (Side view)


iphone 6 leaked rear view 

iPhone 6 (Rear View)
By setting a precedence of introducing a new hardware for every iPhone launched in market, iPhone 6 is presumed to have an upgraded hardware. iPhones have always received flak from its users for its poor battery life. Hence with this enhanced hardware features they would be able to quell the disenchantment of their customers.



With the above expected features we are certainly sure that users would have an exhilarating experience. But keeping our fingers crossed and hoping they surpass our expectations.

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