Penn State is Not The Problem, Football Is.

By now, most of the college students around the country are aware of the recent child sexual abuse controversy involving Penn State University’s former Assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky. By now this controversy has caused the axing of its Head Football coach, President and Vice-President by the trustees of the school.

However, these abuse charges came into light in late 1990s and a final action is taken in 2011 which surprises me. There have been lots of unanswered questions pertaining to this controversy that no one wants to talk about including the university. It seems there was a clear motive by the university to cover up this issue. But why? Why should a university try to cover up such a criminal activity?

The answer to this could probably be the football program run by various colleges and universities. We all know how much revenue it brings to these big colleges but should that be an excuse for a criminal activity by its support staff and in some cases the athletes themselves? Are the stakes so high that the administrators forget their moral obligations and don’t take any action? Over the weekend and early this week we’ve heard from various news anchors who gave their personal opinion on this issues. Let’s see what Brian Williams of NBC News said on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN:

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