Over 25 Things To Bring To College

The biggest challenge for many incoming freshmen is figuring out what to pack. You will need things for your dorm room, clothing to wear, supplies to take notes and study, and items to help you stay clean. With such a long list, it can be incredibly easy to forget something important. To help you stay on track, consider using this list of 25 things to bring to college as a checklist of sorts.


Because you will be living at school, you will need to have clothing for all types of weather that your university goes through. Don’t forget to account for spring heat and humidity and winter cold and snow. Here are a few of the essential items to pack:


Although you may not want to think about it, the reason you are heading off to college is to learn. To make the most of your classes, you will want to have a few basic school supplies. A laptop is almost a necessity in today’s universities, so you should bring one if you can afford it. You also want to stay organized with a planner and have some other basic tools.

Personal Hygiene

Unless you are very lucky, you won’t have a shower in your room so you will need something to bring your shower supplies with you to the bathroom. There are also some other essentials to keep yourself and your room clean.

Food And Utensils

Although you will mostly be eating in the cafeteria, you want to be ready to make some simple meals in your dorm room and store them.

Other Things For Your Room

There are also plenty of other items you will need that don’t fit neatly into a category.

When using the above list of more than 25 things to bring to college, consider using the given links to help you find harder-to-find items. Remember, if you end up forgetting anything, you can easily order it online, but it helps to be prepared.

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