Midterm Worries

If you are a student in college you may be panicking about your midterm grades. Midterm grades are vital to your college career but you have to remind yourself it is not the end of the world. Midterms are a way for you to realize where you are academically. This point allows you to reflect and improve on what you need help on.  If your midterm is right around the corner, here are some tips to help you.

Study Groups

Sometimes we can not study on our own or need the help of others – who better than others in your class. People who are in your course can possibly have notes that you do not have or can assist you in practicing what you need to learn. It is up to you how big the group is but small groups are recommended.


There may be something that you are unsure of and this is the time you obtain a tutor and keep them for the rest of the course. The tutor is helpful because they give you the one on one attention that you may not get in class to clarify certain things. Before you get to your tutoring sessions make sure you are ready and have everything that you need including the class book, notebook, laptop and calculator if needed. The last thing you want is schedule a tutoring a session and then having to spend half the time going back to your dorm and picking up the things you need for the session.

Ask Your Professor

It never hurts to ask if you are unsure of anything. If there is a subject you are unsure of, ask them- it’s what your money pays for. If we knew everything, we would not be in school!

Study Guides

Study Guides are your best friend for long extensive exams that you may forget certain things on. Outlines, study guides, and flashcards are great for tactile or visual learners.


Some wise person said “The early bird catches the worm,” and they are absolutely right! The earlier you start the better chance you have to retain information and ask questions!

Good luck with those midterms and remember these tips can be used all year long- not just when you are scrambling to do your midterm!

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