Last Minute Halloween Decorating

Halloween is just a few days away, but you have been busy studying and being active on your college campus so you haven’t had time to decorate. Finally, you have found some free time, want to have your personal space Halloween ready for a quiet gathering amongst goblins, witches and other ghouls. However, you are strapped for both time and cash. Here are several easy steps to making a room in any house look creepy.

Lighting is everything. Buy a couple cheap black lights from any convenience store and replace your regular light bulbs. String red, orange and or purple Christmas lights around stair railings, the ceiling and anything you can think of. Some party stores have mini strobe lights for under ten dollars that look great in corners. Turn off the main lights and enjoy your creepy light show.


Cobwebs are a fun and easy, albeit messy way to add some spook to a room. If you are lucky then you already have plenty of nails, hooks and corners to stick the cobwebs to. If you are not so lucky, then you will need some tape. One bag of cobwebs is usually around $6 and will fill an entire room if not several. Stretch them around in different ways and hook them to things. When you are done, you can literally toss the tiny spiders that come with them at the web and they will stick!

At this point you may feel that you have enough decorations to make your home festive, but on the other hand, you may be pumped from your success, and have the energy to do even more decorating. The following are some cheap and easy prop ideas which are sure to add spook to any room. The best part is, you can buy all of the items below at a thrift store for a really cheap price.

Headless Beanie Babies:
Chop the heads off of beanie babies with scissors or a knife. Use red nail polish to paint parts of the head and neck for blood. Put somewhere where people will see.

Bloody Candles:
Buy red votive candles and white taper candles. Light a red candle, wait a few minutes and then begin dripping it down the sides of a white taper candle. The more you do, the more it looks like blood.

Scarecrow Rag Doll:
Get a Rag Doll. Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls work well. Stuff doll’s clothing with straw. Put doll somewhere scary.

Phantom Barbies:
Get some barbies. You can usually find them at thrift stores for about a dollar each. Spray paint them white. You may need two coats of paint. Tie them up and hang them from a ceiling fan, or set them out where they can look spooky. You can also redraw their eyes and lips with a sharpie to add to the effect.

Hopefully these simple ideas have sparked other inexpensive and quick decoration ideas. Your house is now Halloween ready for those trick or treaters, party guests or just for you.

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