How to Plan for the SAT Exam

SAT is an important factor as to whether or not you’ll be considered for the college that you’re interested in attending.Are you considering going to college after high school?  If so, you’ll most likely need to take a college admissions exam, such as the SAT.  Along with a strong academic record, extracurricular activities, persuasive essay, and letters of recommendation, how well you score on the SAT is an important factor as to whether or not you’ll be considered for the college that you’re interested in attending.

It’s important to do your homework to find out what scores are needed for the school that you’ll be applying to.  If you’re hoping to attend an Ivy League College or a competitive University, you’ll need to score at least a 750 on each component of the SAT.  For public Universities, scores of 660 or higher are needed.


Because SAT scores are such an important component in the college admissions program, you will need to be well prepared for the exam.  How do you get started in the preparation process?  Here are some steps that will make it easier for you.

 1. Create a timeline that will include when you need to take the SAT, registering for the SAT, and preparing for the SAT.

2. Know Application deadlines of colleges: Generally, the SAT should be taken once during the spring of your junior year and once in the fall of your senior year.  However, you’ll need to know when the application deadlines are for the schools you’re applying to.

  1. Become familiar with the components of the SAT and the test format.

  2. Determine how much preparation you will need.  For example, you might be taking honor classes in English and have a very strong vocabulary.  Thus, you might not need to review much for the Reading and/or Writing section of the SAT.  However, if math is a weakness, then you’ll want to focus on that.

  3. Determine what type of preparation works best for you.  Many states offer an actual SAT preparation course.  There are also several SAT practice sites on the internet.  For some students, receiving one-on-one tutoring may be the best option.


6. Sign up to receive emails containing a daily SAT question from the College Board.

  1. Utilize flashcards.  You can make your own or download cards from one of the SAT preparation sites.

  2. Schedule preparation times.  Just as you would keep a doctor’s appointment or show up for football practice, write preparation times on your calendar.  Stay committed to the preparation times.

By becoming familiar with the SAT test and giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for the exam, you should be able to enter the SAT testing site with confidence.  The better you’re able to score on the SAT, the more options you will have for further education.

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