How to Make the ‘D’ Day Become an ‘A’ Day

School is fun for many people, that is before exam day, here in known as the D-day. However, many a personal coaches and life skill trainers will tell you that the human mind is conditioned to see the negative more than the positive. They are proponents of positive self-affirmation.

A comedian tore into this principle by saying that it means that if you are short; you should wake up and just lie to yourself. However positive affirmation works, telling yourself daily that you can do something, you eventually do it with ease; therefore, here is how to turn D day into an A day:

  • Start studying early

Many people have become engulfed with the idea of last minute studying and cramming for their exams. Others have become cheaters and boast about it. The question however remains, if you cheat and if you cram for your exams, what kind of professional does that make you. You should start preparations early, especially for professions such as becoming a nurse or a doctor, who deal with human beings.

  • Do your research and enquiries

Albert Einstein was a perennial asker; problems presented him with opportunities to find solutions to them. The thing is you need to ask for the answers on issues you cannot control and others that you cannot find answers to. This gives you new knowledge, you will be able to understand whatever it is, and then it will be up to you to innovate and know more about that subject.

  • Go through past exams

As you take your nurse exam, it is always good to go through it imagining every question to be the patient you shall face in the OR or general ward. Seeing those symptoms on the patient helps you to be able to address an answer the question concretely. Passing your exams is not enough they should be aced. Going through the past exams will help you notice the trend of questions that are asked, the areas that are examine and this will be good preparation for your exam. Human nature is by itself repetitive, you should therefore expect not the same questions but similar looking format or questions.

  • Prepare for your exam

Before the A day, you need to have all you need for the exams. From the elementary pens and pencils, you will need reference materials for exams that allow them. You will need a rested mind, which means that you have to balance out your late nights by ensuring that you sleep at least six hours to rest your brain. A fresh brain is a brain that performs at peak performance, go and Ace it.

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