How to Make a Career Dealing in Diamonds

The study of gemology is mandatory for anyone interested in working with diamonds on a professional level. One should attain a diploma in it. To be a broker, one needs to get a certification title.

  • Get accredited courses, do not be lured by other courses, you need a hands on training to get fully certified.
  • Seek your first experience to get a hand of what it entails exactly. Do so by applying for jobs in the diamond sector. This will build up your resume.
  • Then, you can start once you receive your license. It also gives credence to the legality of your company.

For those diamond brokers who double up as jewelry shop owners, it is imperative to know the best way to provide security for your merchandise. There are various systems that can be used to deter intruders and maintain safety for the shop employees.

  • The smoke cloak – This is a dense fog field and when aimed strategically it prevents the intruders from viewing what is inside the shop and this works within seconds of activation. It also has automatic activation although it can be activated manually with the use of a hold up button.
  • The store layout – Display counters should not be near entry or exits of the shop. The cash register should be facing the entrance and not away from it. That way, you can see potential trouble maker walking in and gauge from their body language. That way you are well prepared.
  • Entry and exit points – Make sure that they have metal detector archways as they act as deterrent to potential intruders from bringing in weapons. At night, additional alarms need to be activated and connected to your local police station.
  • Surveillance systems – This is mandatory for any jewelry shop. Cameras with motion sensors and floodlights are some of the equipment you can use to secure the shop. They should be strategically located and have a bird’s eye view of the premises without easily being detected or vandalized. The cameras should allow for remote control and internet access.
  • Manned security – This cannot be overlooked. It is important to have an experienced security person watching over the store.
  • Restrict access – Always ensure that all the display cases are locked at all times even when you remove an item to show to a customer, lock up in the interim. Those few minutes can make a vast difference of a few thousand dollars.
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