How to Learn New Things That Genuinely Matter to You: 6 Inevitable Tools

In today’s fast-paced world, opportunities could be missed in the blink of an eye. Hobbies and trades are left behind so that workloads can be met. How to learn new things, when there’s always a major time crunch, with you constantly running a rat race? In times like these, not a second can be wasted on traveling; we need every minute to count and count well it should.

However, thanks to the widespread digitization of the current decade, we tend to find everything over the internet. Plug in and you’re connected with everything happening around you. However, what about those dance classes you really wanted to pursue or that photography skill you wanted to acquire since long. Furthermore, could those really be learnt online? Most pessimists could go with an outright NO, ‘How to learn on the internet, that sounds so farce!’ What they do not know is that websites today are trying their best to imbibe the human touch in it, to teach and make you feel like they are present in your room.

Most of them are even available at a very nominal rate but are these e-learning methods guaranteed sources of wisdom and knowledge as compared to the conventional methods of learning new things?

Role of E-Learning Websites:

E-learning websites and software today are on the rise: most people now realize its importance due to the convenience, approach and the time it helps you save. Learning things on the go has always had brownie points attached to it, but now with all the stringent checks these website implore on tutors, you are now amassed with an epitome of genuine knowledge too. Quality checks for audio/video, confirming authentication of both the tutor along with the tutorial and the fact that only approved courses or tutorials get uploaded on the website allows the students a sigh of relief.


The e-learning website that is currently on everyone’s lips is Udemy, voted on many portals as the #1 website on how to learn new things. Boasting of over 16,000 courses and 3 million students, this website is definitely a forerunner in the field, providing a plethora of knowledge for those eager to learn. With this website, the dearth of not finding relevant content to learn from is now over. focuses on multiple fortes ranging from health and wellness to web development and designing and even accommodates instrument-learning classes, like guitar playing etc.



Udacity prides itself on the fact that the content provided to its customers is a 100% legitimate. They have a responsive website that aids them in providing the perfect platform on a phone and at the same time, even a desktop or a laptop., till date has helped countless students achieve their dreams and it didn’t matter what they wanted to learn about, Udacity had a person to teach them that niche anyways. Udacity features a myriad of online courses that ranges from Computer Science, Web Development to Programming Foundations with Python. Global technology leaders such as Google, Autodesk, mongoDB, Cloudera provides a personalized online course and a valuable completion certificate upon completion.


Many e-learning websites are now rather excelling at teaching people how to learn things they always wanted to but never had the time. A great example being Coursera, which offers online courses that has a reach of over 110 partners and 770 courses ranging from technology to health care and commerce. This shows the giant leaps made by these websites and the genuine interest of the people in e-courses. To top it all, partners are highly certified to train, teach and will procure you nothing but the best. It claims to be a non-profit organization that gives all of it back to its customers, which is a very noble thing to do in the field of Education.


Following closely is Skillshare, which is in comparison a tougher website to use, but in hindsight, come to think of it, it tends to help ward off the fake and the disinterested. also charges half the price most of the other websites charge as fees and is really great because of its sublimely interesting graphic design and functionality. It makes accessing the website very easy once you figure it out and is a fan favorite due to its user interface. Skillshare features a wide array of online courses including but not limited to Business, Designing, Film & Video production, Music, Fashion, Photography lessons and more.


Another important player in this field definitely has to be Lynda, where you could find things to learn from a wide range and take up multiple courses at a time, if you can cope up with it that is. Its benefits are not just limited to that, Lynda now trains school, governments, businesses, etc spreading knowledge worldwide. Founded in 1995, this website is one of the oldest as well as the one of the most experienced in the e-learning front and therefore knows how to cater to its student’s needs. is rated high in terms of quality and relevance of contents; they keep it short and apt, saving your time while helping you in acquiring greater knowledge. Lynda offers online courses on business, design, 3D animation, photography, arts and music, web developments and others.


And last but not the least, Codecademy is for all those technical geeks who want to know how to write a code. Codecademy is an e-learning platform dedicated solely to this forte. This website is so efficient that one of its users who didn’t know head or tail of the coding language eventually went off to design the website for one of Time’s Top 50 Company. What adds more credibility to the website is that most of student base were all beginners, started from scratch, and today can brag about multiple milestones achieved with the aid of this website.

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