High School to College

Many students assume that college is exactly same as high school and we just have to study for four years in each. However, based on success ratio, college students are more successful than high school students are. According to the research, college students are more mature than high school. Politicians and elders encourage students to go for higher education. If studying is the only thing to achieve, then we can do that high school, why we need to go in college. What is the difference between high school and college life? There are many reasons which can support college education is more helpful.

The most notable difference is, in high school, teachers and parents care about their education, so student has no responsibility, but in college, students are encourage taking that responsibility. For instance, when high school students miss a test, teacher or will ask, “You have to remake the test, when you are free?” However, in college professor will not ask about anything, it depends on you whether you want to remake the test or not. Similarly, in high school teachers will remind you about assignments and deadline, but in college, you will have to remind it by yourself. In addition, in high school, most of the classes are arrange for you, but in college, you are responsible to arrange your own schedule in consultation with your academic advisor.

Another difference between college are high school is, teacher may give some more time to copy notes from board or may provide you some other help, but in college, professor may lecture nonstop, assuming students are able to understand correctly and they are identifying all important points. Sometimes when professor writes on board, it may be to amplify the lecture, not the summery of the lecture, so good mental and physical notes are required for college. This is a reason why some students feel college is harder than high school. Moreover, the experience students get in college, can prepare them for the rest of the life but high school experience is not at all enough for this modernized educated world.

Beside differences, there are some similarities in high school and college, which is other important part of this essay. Education system of college and high school is same, we have to take test or quiz in order to prove ourselves better and educated person. Although, they are differ based on what you are studying. Most colleges and high school have the same grading system but there are some exceptional. Beside education, both college and high school have their own playgrounds, sports team, and the most important clubs and organization.

Based on all points I mentioned, I think college education is more important and better for any students. Colleges have highly qualifies professors who can explain and help student to ameliorate their future. We all should encourage students to go for higher education, as this world is very competitive and innovative. A person who attends high school and college will expect to be more successful as compared to any other students.

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