Get Your Written Work Noticed!

Let’s face it technology and innovation has certainly changed the way we put things in perspective in this day and age. When it comes to the World Wide Web, it seems that the Internet users are not keen on reading lengthy blog posts or long drawn out details. The attention span of an average Internet user is quite short, and as a writer, it is important that you do not only pique their interest. It will also be imperative that you help maintain their readership. Keep them captivated on the point you are trying to get across. Whether your trying to sell something or just get your thoughts out there, you need too keep the readers focused on that. This can be rather difficult at times.

One of the first things that these readers will be looking at would be your headline. If the title of the post or the headline is not interesting enough, then there is a huge possibility that they will move on to the next page or the next article. To be able to get noticed, you should be able to appeal to their emotions.Think of the many different things that would help one improve themselves. Do you want to feel more confident? Attractive? Do you want to be smarter? Learn more? Earn more money? Are you aiming to be healthy? Be an expert in a specific industry or field? The list is endless, so you can decide to choose from any of these characteristics and capitalize on that. You have to pull the reader in with your headline. They want too feel like their going to get something for reading your article. Everyone wants to feel like they are being talked too personally.

Another way to be able to get noticed is when you are able to make sure that the reader feels empowered. If you are able to make your reader feel that they have a voice and that they can take an active role in the topic that you are writing about, then this becomes a lot more appealing to them. You need to appeal to them personally. People feel special when they are being talked too. Then they are more likely too do what it is you wrote the article about in the first place. Interactive writing can help you get noticed as a writer. Writing about controversial topics can also help you. People love too be challenged and argued with. There is no such thing as bad publicity when you are trying to get noticed. You have to create controversy. Nobody wants to read a nice boring article where nothing is argued or brought up again. You have to strike quickly and strongly with your thesis and topic sentences. Don’t be afraid to fail. Here are some quick and simple tips from Grammarly to help you get started.

Competition is fierce in almost any kind of industry, so make sure that you are able to do everything that you can to get noticed!

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