EducareLab Releases SAT Flashcards #1 App

As we had promised earlier that we would be very soon launching the SAT Flashcards iPhone and iPad app to study vocabulary, we have done so today through our App Store. You can download this app from here:

Here are the features of the app:

★ More than 1000 SAT Flash Card Words.
★ Each word consists of its meaning and use of it in a sentence.
Quiz yourself with the words you learned from flash cards to see if you memorized.
★ Uses Adaptive learning technology which lessens the amount of time taken to learn new words.
★ Keeps track of the words you have mastered.
★ Keeps track of the words you haven’t mastered so that you can work on them more.
★ Everyday statistics show you the number of words you got correct and incorrect.
Share your everyday Quiz results with your friends on facebook and twitter to compete with them.
★ Access to our award winning blog articles for high school and college students right on your mobile device.
★ Get everyday tips and advices on how to succeed in high school, SAT and college freshman year.


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