educate: from educare-to lead forth (Merriam Dictionary)

What I love about the word “educare” is that it means “to lead forth” or “to bring out.” Since educare (education) is “bringing out something,” the obvious implication is that there is something already within that is worth being brought out… and that is the true essence of education!

So, how does one use this true etymological definition to make the best of our education?

First, I think that we should have a fundamental understanding of what is within us in order to seek any real life-altering education. We must first know ourselves. Once we know ourselves, we will know what we need to gain from our education.

For me, I need my education to speak to me. I need it to have relevance in my life. It has to work to explain why things are the way that they are and it has to inspire me to work to change the world for the better.

Because I understand this about myself and my education, I know my life’s mission. I know that I am meant to teach and uplift people. I take inspiration from my foreparents who stood firm in their opposition to injustice and revolted against inequality.

I urge you to ask yourself, whoever you are, this question:

What do you need from your education?

Once you have an answer you will make the best of your education. I promise!

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