Community Service

According to me, community service is a method of obtaining experience by sacrificing our time to pursue excellence in the quality of life. Community service is not a way to get admission at college or to get scholarships but it is method to experience our future as a teenagers. The main purpose of community service is to help our society by using our skills, talents, creative ideas and knowledge.

There are things which we cannot accomplish just by going to school. The experience, we get by doing community service, is an experience of a life after college. Let me exemplify by giving a real life experience. When I joined Environmental Science Club at my school I met new students who were not my friends and not in my class. When we went in an unknown class room for collecting recyclable plastic bottles and white papers, we respected them by asking for permission to enter in their class. In this case, we learned how to behave with an unknown person because of doing community service.

In the same way, when we start a new business we are going to meet many unknown people and we will have to respect them. Some teenagers think that community service is waste of time because they don’t know the real value of it. Don’t forget community is place where we live and it is our duty to make is civilize and keep it neat and clean.

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