Chris’s Journal: Searching for a Job

The following post is from Chris’s Day to Day Journal

I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Northern Virginia. I bought a medium sized tea, which is now inside of me, and I’ve been looking for jobs all day (I couldn’t find any on Facebook). I sent out some cold emails to places I would like to work, and I made a list of things I need to do if I’m actually going to find a job. All of this is unimportant, in the face of this new villainy. The evil gang of flies.

They’re not an actual gang, and they’re probably not evil, but they sure are acting like it. I’m not talking about a new band or a group of hoodlums. I’m actually talking about a group of house flies, there are about five of them. I want them to be dead now.

I hone in on job searching, close my Facebook chats and do the real, deep digging required of one in this tough job market. I even came to a coffee shop so I would be away from the distractions of my usual day. As I begin this search, this journey into the depths, without failure a fly will land on my hand or in my ear or on my screen. IT IS MOST DISRUPTIVE.

Further, it is sort of devastating to one’s confidence when you spend your time focusing on a fl-…hold on for a second. THIS, THIS FLY. I can’t even kill a fly, how am I going to find a job?

What if they ask me to do this at my interview?

“Well Mr. Meier, we’re very impressed with your ability to rock out, but can you kill a common pest? the house fly in this room has been bothering us for hours and we would like you to take him down with your bare hands. Do it and the job is yours.”


I’m positive this is going to happen to me, the evil gang of flies will clutch defeat from the jaws of victory. Then, mockingly, they will buzz around me, landing on my things, pausing momentarily, for my consideration, before moving on to ruin some other unemployed person’s life.

Is there a moral to this story? Searching for a job is stressful and it takes a long time; and don’t tolerate coffee shops that allow flies to reside within them.

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