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10 Successful Studying Tips

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Believe it or not, you do not have to stay away entire night studying to get the grades you want. In this article, you will find ten successful studying tips that will help you study more and study better while saving time. Before that, however, let’s take a quick

7 Note Taking Skills for High School and College Students

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Do your notes look more like chicken scratch than an organized stream of thought? Do you review your notes before a test, only to find that you have no idea what you were trying to say? Note-taking can be difficult because you can’t take time off to organize your

Ten Successful Study Tips for Students

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Studying is one of the best things a student can do to bolster their education – and one of the most dreaded parts of exam time! To make matters worse, if you’re not studying the right way, then no amount of flipping through notes will guarantee an A on

5 Test Anxiety Tips That Can Help You Test Well

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Many people suffer from test taking anxiety.  This has nothing to do with not being smart, or even not being prepared.  Many whom have studied for tests beforehand, and are technically “ready” for the test, can still suffer from test anxiety.   There are a lot of test anxiety tips

Homeschooling: Is It for You? Some Tips to Getting Started

Are you thinking about homeschooling this next schoolyear? It doesn’t matter if you are getting straight A’s and find school exceptionally easy or if you are behind in a few subjects and find the idea of alternative learning a better way to succeed. You will find that this is

Before You Get On Your Feet, You Can Still Have A Seat!

When people move out of their parent’s houses, they go out in search of freedom only to find responsibility. This is scary for most of them, but the good thing is that their pride does not let them go back to their parent’s house until the recession hits again.

Skimming to Improve Your Study

Isn’t it amazing how you can read through an entire chapter and get absolutely nothing out of it? The only thing you are acutely aware of at the end of your hour or so is that you somehow pushed through thirty pages without taking in a single word. “That’s

How to Make the ‘D’ Day Become an ‘A’ Day

School is fun for many people, that is before exam day, here in known as the D-day. However, many a personal coaches and life skill trainers will tell you that the human mind is conditioned to see the negative more than the positive. They are proponents of positive self-affirmation.

Get Your Written Work Noticed!

Let’s face it technology and innovation has certainly changed the way we put things in perspective in this day and age. When it comes to the World Wide Web, it seems that the Internet users are not keen on reading lengthy blog posts or long drawn out details. The

Making a Wise Choice Concerning College

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When you are contemplating attending college, you will want to be prepared to take tours of the different campuses. Each campus will be unique and it is important that you weigh the pros and cons of each campus as you move toward selecting the college you will attend. .
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