Career Change Advice – How to be Happy at Work

The desire for a career change for women can be because of work related discontent. The type or form of discontent can vary, but there is an issue about your work that makes you feels uncomfortable. The discomfort could take up many forms. It could be poor compensation rates, lack of opportunities to learn and grow, uncaring employers, poor sanitation, and rigid schedules, or lack of vacation time. The reasons of discontent at work are many and unique as you change careers. Change is the only solution to such discontent. The following points should be of great benefit to you and guide you through this process.

  • Change your perspective: if you have some fears about changing your career, this is a solution to fix the problem quick. Changing the view of your situation allows you to see the problem through your eyes. Find at least five things that you enjoy about your current job. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, go through these points, and review them. If it is not possible to find these five things, then move to the next step.
  • Change your environment: at times, the solution is finding a different scene to feel much better. Changing the environment could mean changing the job but within the same company. At times you may feel tensed whenever you are about to go to work. If you are experiencing such moods, it could be of help if you changed your employer. At the end of the day, you will be happy working there.
  • Change your career: if what you do does not excite you nor satisfy your needs at changing your environment or prospective will not be of great help. Changing your career will give the satisfaction and motivation that you need. Most people who change their careers follow their passion and in the end, they end up being successful because they enjoy whatever they are doing. Evaluate your talents, passion, skills, and interests and allow them to guide you to your career. Career advisors could be of great help in this process.
  • Change your influence circle: no matter what situation you are undergoing, if people with negative influences surround you, you will not be able to have happiness at work. It is a fact that if your immediate circle is not known to be encouraging or motivating you are more likely to work at a place or a job you despise.
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