Can I Really Live With Them? Roommate Problems


School just started and you and your roommate are not seeing eye to eye because he likes his music loud and you want to study for your next quiz. Your earphones were not meant to block off his music- what should you do.

Try Talking It Out
Some things are seem so important at first but when you have time to reflect, it doesn’t seem that bad. If you have a problem with your roommate about boundaries or rules, try sitting down with him or her to discuss what is bothering you. Sometimes that person is unaware unless you say something. Practice active listening and allow each other to talk and give feedback. This can resolve a lot of tension.

Third-Party – Involving RA or SRA

Sometimes people cant talk with one another without a neutral party present- your RA (resident adviser) can help with this. Let your RA know about the problems you are having or the SRA (senior r.a.) and they can help you move towards the next step.

Possible Move

You are at you wits end and you need to move. If you are moving off campus, notify the person you are leasing from so that you are not going against any regulations. If you are trying to move to another room in a dorm or on-campus apartment- contact your RA and Housing Director for options. Try documenting issues that have happened with your roommate to support reasons why you need to move.

Although you come to these people, please note that you may not be able to move over night and it takes time. Be patient and cordial while you are still there!

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