Calling All Freshmen: Quick Tips for a Successful Year

Whether you’re a freshman in high school or a freshman in college, starting a new year at a new school can be intimidating. No need to worry, though. Here are some tips that will allow any new kid on the block to feel at home in no time.

Be Open, Take Chances: One of the biggest issues freshman students experience is making new friends, and who can blame you; rejection isn’t a great feeling. However, you’d be surprised at how receptive people are to the five seconds it takes to smile and introduce yourself to someone. You might not end up being best friends—you might not ever talk to the person again—but at least you can say you gave an honest effort in meeting new people.

Gather everything you need: Make sure you get all the things that you need as a freshman including backpack for college students, dorm cleaning supplies, bedding, credit/debit cards, laptops and books.

Seek Help: Sometimes homework can leave you feeling defeated, but don’t let it ruin your chances of getting that “A”. Find out where you can get extra help after class. Many teachers/professors have after-school hours or office hours, and most are more than willing to help you. Also, look out for tutors who can help you with your academic concerns or simply start a study group with a few other students; sometimes your peers are the best teachers. If you’re experiencing personal issues, don’t hesitate to seek help from a school counselor or therapist.


Get Active: Regardless of what school you attend, it’s probably safe to say that there are a lot of activities, sports, and organizations for you to join, so take advantage of them! Whether you’re artsy, athletic, or love to debate, there are activities for you to participate in. Not only is joining organizations a fun way to meet new people and build relationships, it’s also a great way to build your resume (who doesn’t want an awesome job?).

Manage Your Time: As a new high school or college student with more independence and an increase of activities to do, time management may not be your top priority, but it should. It’s vital that you spend your time wisely; dedicate appropriate amounts of time to studying, socializing, and extracurricular activities—and sleep, too!

Get Enough “You” Time: When you’re bombarded with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, you tend to forget that your well-being is of the utmost importance. How are your eating habits? Are you eating balanced meals every day or are candy bars your breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What about your sleeping habits? As previously mentioned, sleep is important—without it, productivity is impossible. So, make sure you get enough sleep, and no, four hours a night doesn’t cut it. Dedicating even a few moments a day for you to collect your thoughts or to catch up on your favorite show will prevent you from going crazy.


Good luck and have a great school year!


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