Best Lightweight Backpacks 2021

For customers in the market for the best lightweight backpacks, there are a number of considerations to mind as they assess their choices. For many, they are looking for the convenience to haul a small amount of essential items. For these buyers, one of the biggest priorities of their selection is a backpack which is lightweight enough to ensure convenience but not be physically troublesome.

Generally, lightweight backpacks are considered to be those designed for ten to fifteen pounds of cargo. But even knowing that, there are still options that every buyer should consider when weighing their options for a lightweight backpack.

First, you want to know your needs. Will a lightweight backpack accommodate everything that you want to carry?  Do you have a size preference or need?

Some backpacks have been manufactured with the functions of specific sports and activities in mind while others have developed their backpacks with gender considerations in mind. Of course, we recognize that price factors into the equation, but must not be a standalone consideration.

It is important that price is weighed against the warranty, demonstrated durability and the unique/innovative features that make your choice stand out from the competition in terms of its suitability to meet your exact needs.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best lightweight backpacks
  2. Detailed review of best lightweight backpacks
  3. How to pack a lightweight backpack(a video)

Comparison List of best lightweight backpacks.

PictureNameCapacityBag WeightPriceRating
Outlander Travel Backpack 20L - 30L0.5 lbs$$4.9
Hikpro20L0.41 lbs$4.8
Gowiss Backpack20L - 33L0.5 lbs$4.7
Bago Lightweight Foldable Backpack0.4 lbs$4.6
Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack20L0.4 lbs$4.5
Hopsooken Ultra Lightweight Travel Backpack30L0.7 lbs$$4.4
Free KnightLlightweight Backpack20L - 30L0.45 lbs$4.3
Shackle Feather backpackNot listed0.5 lbs$4.2
Mozone Large Lightweight Travel Backpack40L0.86 lbs$$$4.1
G4Free Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack20L0.38 lbs$4.0
Snowhale Lightweight Travel Backpack 20L0.43 lbs$3.9

Detailed Review of Best Lightweight Backpacks 2017:

1. Outlander Travel Backpack

good backpack that is light weight

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Outlander corners the market with a backpack weighing half a pound and boasting the capability to fold into one of its own inner pockets for convenient storage. Available in one of nine colors, this bag is advertised as ultra light, ultra durable and ultra awesome.

With close to 2,800 reviews online and top ratings from 79% of buyers, the Outlander travel backpack seems like a front runner in the lightweight backpack game. While not advertised as waterproof, multiple buyers have applauded its water resistance under a variety of outdoor conditions. Some buyers have stowed the empty backpack into their luggage while on vacation and used the backpack for day trips while visiting their destination and hence this is one of the best lightweight backpacks.

2. Hikpro

backpack that is lightweight

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Leading its marketing with its durability through its tear proof and water resistant nylon design, the Hikpro lightweight backpack weights in at 6.5 ounces with a 20 litre capacity that makes it perfect for day trips. Also offering a convenient and compact stowaway element, this bag promotes comfort and a multi-compartment design for organization. This backpack comes in one of eight colors.

Buyers love this one. With 84% of buyers offering a five-star rating, what buyers love about this lightweight option is the versatility of the backpack for travel or while engaged in a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Multiple customers have cited great functionality for day trips with youngsters to tote supplies for family outings. And that is why this backpack is included in our list of best lightweight backpacks.

3. Gowiss Backpack

perfect best lightweight backpacks

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Gowiss makes a bold statement among its competitors by offering a lifetime guarantee to replace your product or refund your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied with their product.  Durable, compact and lightweight at 0.46 pounds, much of the advertised features of this backpack are directly in line with the competitors in the field.

Buyers confess to their elevated confidence level in their purchase knowing that their lifetime satisfaction is a guarantee from the manufacturer. Some customers have marveled at the bag’s deceptively large capacity which was a pleasant surprise for them after starting to load their backpack for an expedition. Because of the size and weight of this backpack I have included it in my list of best lightweight backpacks.

4. Bago Lightweight Foldable Backpack

best backpack that weighs less

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Bago encourages buyers to go all in with their backpack, offering free shipping on purchases of two backpacks and offering a 100% money back and satisfaction guarantee. Made of tear resistant honeycomb fabric and offering internal and external pockets to increase the storage capacity of this bag, Bago offers their lightweight backpack in four colors.

Buyers enjoy the fun, bright colors of this backpack and its versatility for travel and for everyday use. Many customers seem to be taking Bago up on their offer as the best lightweight backpacks, identifying that they were so pleased with the product that they have purchased a second for a loved one.

5. Gonex Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

great lightweight backpacks

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Looking a little like a pup tent, the Gonex Ultra Lightweight backpack offers a 6.5-ounce backpack in a variety of eight color options. With a six-year warranty and the promise of durability, organization and compact format, this bag is turning heads.

81% of customers have given this lightweight backpack top marks for their satisfaction. With high marks for its delivery on lightweight and versatile design, Gonex has also received favorable reviews for the quality of stitching and the suitability of their product as a daily use general backpack to meet a variety of needs and that is why is one of the best backpacks that is light weight.

6. Hopsooken Ultra Lightweight Travel Pack

best lightweight backpacks

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Billed at 0.7 pounds, little about the advertising of the Hopsooken ultra lightweight travel backpack jumps out from the field of competitors in its class. Compact, lightweight and durable are all among the features promoted for this bag. Offered in nine bright colors, where Hopsooken turns heads is in its customer feedback.

With only 2% of buyers assessing this product with less than a four-star rating, Hopsooken has an overwhelming feedback rating with 84% of customers assessing top marks for their satisfaction with this best lightweight backpack. Users are impressed with the deliverable convenience of this best lightweight backpack for day trips, its comfort and its convenient storage.

7. Free Knight Lightweight Backpack

good rated lightweight backpacks

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Durable, lightweight, compact and featuring multiple compartments, Free Knight has a 0.44-pound backpack on the market under this category and self-identifies their product as ideal for day to day use, for travel or as a great gift.

Users give this backpack high ratings for its convenience to use in a variety of environments – including use in participation in winter sports and active recreation outings. This best lightweight backpack also rates highly with parents for use by children where the lightweight criteria of the bag is a key concern.

8. Shackle Feather Pack

ideal lightweight backpacks

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Touting an emphasis on use as an outdoor day backpack, the Shackle Feather backpack is advertised at a weight of fifteen ounces and specifically noted as a full-sized format. Offering pockets and pouches inside and out, Shackle is clear about the market they are after – active people looking to get outdoors.

Customer reviews on this product are very favorable with buyers commenting on the great function of this bag’s design without any unnecessary elements that take away from the purpose of the backpack. Durability and functionality were important to users of the Shackle Feather backpack, identifying that while the best lightweight backpacks don’t offer the structure of heavier weight models, they are still fully able to meet the needs intended for this model.

9. Mozone Large Lightweight Hiking Day Pack

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Mozone creates a big splash by offering a backpack with almost double the capacity of most other competing products in this class. Boasting a 40 liter capacity, it is heavier than most of the competition at one pound, one point eight ounces, this lightweight edition still promises the features of many of the other products in the field. Mozone announces breathable padded shoulder straps which meet the differing needs of both male and female users.

Though customer reviews don’t present with the strong brand support of some of its competitors with only 53% of respondents offering top marks for this product, satisfied customers have most frequently identified the suitability of the Mozone lightweight hiking day backpack for use on excursions.

10. G4Free Ultra Lightweight Outdoor Backpack

top lightweight backpacks

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G4Free wants to join you on vacation, identifying its lightweight backpack as the perfect choice for travel. Offering durability, organization, a choice of nine colors with a compact format.

Among satisfied customers, buyers were pleased with the look and performance of the bag, though identifying that the addition of a waterproof element would be a product improvement.  Buyers have been outdoors with this best lightweight backpacks – engaged in mountain climbing, watersports and a variety of activities and among them, the feedback is positive.

11. Snowhale Lightweight Travel Backpack

best lightweight backpacks

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Snowhale doesn’t want to compromise performance with their lightweight model and, as if they know that even with a bag intended for a lighter load, they expect that buyers will test it to the limit. This is evidenced in their presentation by promoting the re-inforced stress points on their product to increase durability as well as abrasion resistant zippers. Their lifetime warranty-exchange guarantee also illustrates why Snowhale should be on the list as you consider your lightweight backpack purchase.

The reviews indicate that Snowhale was right on the money with their assessment of the clientele and hence is one of the best lightweight backpacks. Five star reviews still identify that buyers are challenging the performance of their lightweight backpack to the limit – loading it to the max to see how well it performs.

How to pack a lightweight backpack

When you go out for a camping, hiking or anywhere else you need to carry everything to sustain yourself. Packing your bag imperfectly can lead to painful poking in your back or a lopsided pack, which can be unbearable. So its very important to pack your bag perfectly.


The competition is fierce in the lightweight backpack market. From our assessment, it looks like any one of the backpacks listed offer a strong combination of purposeful design, attention to customer needs and uses, and a commitment to quality control. Take the time to recognize your needs and then check out the great line up of products available. You’re sure to find one that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Consider color, design, and the ‘must haves’ in your next backpack purchase and buy with confidence.

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