10 Best Jobs for College Students

College is the first time in a student’s life that they will feel a heightened sense of freedom. Freedoms to make decisions, create schedules, abide by their own curfew, and ultimately, live on thie own. But with these acts of freedom, students are also given the freedom to manage their own money. This is often a new feat for college students and quickly becomes top of mind. How do they afford books? How do they afford meals? How do they afford socializing?

The average student won’t have this sort of funding coming into college and will have to look into getting a part time job. We’ve put together a list of 10 idealistic jobs for the average college student.

  • Customer Service at a Campus Book Store

Working at the Campus Book Store is a great job for college students because it’s close, most times close enough to walk to. The book store often gives employees discounts on textbooks which are often the most expensive part of class. Employees will also receive discounts on the school memorabilia sold in store. One of the biggest benefits is that Campus Book Stores don’t stay open much past six p.m.

  • Cook or Cashier at Campus Food Court

Similar to working at the Campus Book Store, getting a job at the Campus Food Court is beneficial in many ways, including the location. Again, this will be close enough for students to walk to their shifts. The hours are longer than the Campus Book Store due to classes being offered at later times but being that they hire mostly college students, they will work around class schedules. Students also have the benefit of meeting and interacting with peers as they come through.

  • Front Desk at Student Rec Building

Just like the first two campus jobs, working at the Student Rec Building gives students the opportunity to walk to work and interact with their peers daily. Biggest difference would be the hours of operation for the Rec Building opens much earlier and stays open much later. With the simple work load, focused mainly on taking IDs, printing for college students, monitoring and wiping down machines, students will get additional school work done when time gets slow.

  • After School Tutor

This can be done in a few ways. Once students are further in their college career, they can tutor students through gen-ed classes or pre-requisites for their major. They can also work with a local school and tutor middle school and high school students through math, English, history, and more, depending on the college student educational strengths lie.

  • Campus Tour Guide

This may be one of the most rewarding campus jobs. Being a Campus Tour Guide gives students the opportunity to experience their campus from a different view and to learn and gain respect about its history. It also allows students to meet and engage with eager potential students, reminding them of how excited they were to pick that college.

Here are also best bikes for college students.

  • Lifeguard

This will be easier for students going to college in southern states but being a lifeguard is great part time work. It gets students outside and teaches them skills such as CPR, which is something all students should learn at one point or another. Students can do it seasonally and make enough money to help for the months they aren’t working.

  • Server at Restaurant

Being a server at a local restaurant is not the easiest job but the money is better than most part-time jobs for it is tip based rather than hourly. Students will also be given employee discounts for meals on and off their shifts. Serving provides students the opportunity to grow their social skills with their tables and peers as they serve them.

  • Bartender

Being a bartender has similar benefits to that of a server but the hours are harder. Students are able to do day shifts at local bars and restaurants but the later a student works, the more money they will bring in.

  • Barista

It’s like being a bartender for a coffee shop, except without the tips. Being a barista at the local coffee shop is a fun way to interact with locals while learning to mix different coffee cocktails. Similar to the Book Store and Food Court, employees will receive a discount for beverages and foods and hours will not run very late into the night.

  • Administrative Assistant

Out of all the 10 jobs on this list, being an Administrative Assistant is the closest one to a corporate, 9-5 gig. Although students will most likely not be working 9-5, they will be interacting with employees that do so and learning skills that will help them in the corporate world. Students can be an Administrative Assistant for many types of companies and the job will focused highly on keeping on top of things for their boss with scheduling, excel sheets, budgets, and more.

Although students will be busy with classes and socializing, getting a part-time job is not only important for their funding purposes, but extremely important for their time management skills. These are 10 common jobs for the average college student but there are an unlimited amount of jobs that students can obtain. All they have to do is look.

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