Top 10 Best Fans For College Dorms

Depending on where you go to school, your dorm may or may not have air conditioning as per your needs. If you do have this feature, you may not be able to control it. In either case, that means that a fan can come in handy, letting you keep your room a comfortable temperature even on hot days. When looking for a fan for your dorm, you will usually want a small one since rooms on campus tend to be small. The ideal option would be small but powerful, but personal fans are also good choices. To help with your search, consider these 10 best fans for college dorms.

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  1. Comparison list of best fans for college dorms
  2. Detailed review of best fans for college dorms

List Of Top 10 Best Fans For College Dorms

PictureNameAirflow HeadPriceRating
Vornado Zippi Not listed$4.9
Vornado 530 CompactTilting$$4.8
O2COOL®Tilting $4.8
Vornado 133 multi-directional$4.7
Ozeri BrezzaTilts 90 degree$4.6
O2Cool Built-in carry handle,Adjustable tilt$4.5
AvalonTilting $4.5
Avalon 360 Degree Tilting 360 degree $4.4
SENPAICNot listed$4.2
SENPAIC (2 Speed,Super Light)Not listed$4.1

Detailed Review Of Top 10 Best College Dorms Fans

#5 – O2Cool NEW 10” Battery Operated Fan With Adapter (Gray, 1 Pack)

best fan for college dorm

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At a size of just ten inches, this is one of the 10 best fans for college dorms since it can easily fit on any desk or table. It even has a carrying handle built in and tilts to let you direct the airflow. You can fold it up for storage when you don’t need it, meaning you don’t have to find a great deal of room to store it during the winter. You can use it with the included AC adapter or use 8 D batteries and get 40 hours of use.

#4 – Ozeri Brezza Oscillating 10” High Velocity Desk Fan

best college dorm fan

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This fan is not only compact but also powerful. It has a 9-degree oscillating motor that is ultra-quiet and can cool off a dorm room more efficiently than models that don’t oscillate. All of the controls are right in the front for easy access and there are three speeds to choose from. You can also adjust the front to pivot 90 degrees up then lock it in place. No assembly is required for this fan and it was designed to have the lowest decibel noise rating.

#3 – Vornado 133 Small Air Circulator

good college dorm fan

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This best fan for college dorm relies on Vortex air circulation, a Vornado exclusive. It is compact enough to easily fit on your desk or bedside table and has two-speed settings as well as multi-directional airflow. Cleaning this fan is simple thanks to the removable grill. It also has a 5-year limited warranty so you don’t have to worry about replacing it while at school.

#2 – O2-Cool FD05003 Jet Fan, 5-Inch, Purple

fan for college dorm

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Although this particular model is purple, there are a total of 7 colors to choose from. You can choose to run it on either the included USB cable, 4 AA batteries, or an AC adapter. This 2-speed fan is ideal for your desk or other small spaces. To make it even more useful, it can fold to make it easy to store and it is highly portable. You can even adjust the tilt of the fan to change directional airflow.

#1 – Vornado 530 Compact Whole Room Air Circulator, Linen

best fan for college dorm

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Like the other Vornado best fan for college dorm unit on this list, this one relies on Vortex Technology to circulate air completely throughout the entire room. This particular model earns the number one spot with its three-speed settings, 5-year limited warranty, and whisper-quiet sound. The deep-pitched blades can move air up to a distance of 65 feet, farther than you need in an average dorm room. Despite its compact size, this fan is actually more powerful than 18-inch commercial fans and it is affordable as well.

Any of these 10 best fans for college dorms would be a good option, but you want to make sure you select one that meets your needs and budget. Consider whether you plan on putting the fan on your desk or table, then make sure the one you buy will fit in the designated spot. You should also consider which power source you prefer and how much ventilation you need. Then, you should be ready to make a purchase. Also make sure to the list of best ceiling fans with lights by

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