Top 10 Best Coffee Makers For College

College students are known for having late nights and to stay awake during your all-nighters, you will need some caffeine. By making your own coffee right in your dorm room, you can save money and have a hot, caffeinated beverage whenever you want. Before bringing a standard coffee maker into your dorm, make sure it is allowed as not all dorms allow this appliance. If you can have one on campus, then consider one of these 10 best coffee maker for college dorm room options, each of which is compact and produces high-quality coffee on a budget.

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  1. Comparison list of best coffee makers for college
  2. Detailed review of best coffee makers for college
  3. Features to consider when buying the best coffee makers for college.
  4. How to make coffee in a coffee maker

List Of Top 10 Best Coffee Makers For College

Mr. Coffee Pour!Plastic$$4.9
Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6BL-001Plastic$$$4.8
Mr. Coffee TF4GTFPlastic$$4.7
Brillante Premium Stainless Steel & European Glass $$$4.6
LeMeilleurStainless Steel$$$4.6
Cuisinart SS-300WPlastic$$$4.5
KitchenAid KCM0402ERPolycarbonate$$$4.5
Mr. Coffee SJX39Chrome$$$4.4
Mr. Coffee JWX23 Stainless Steel$$$4.3
KitchenAid KCM0801OBNot listed$$$4.2

Detailed Review Of Top 6 Best Coffee Makers For College

#6 – Cuisinart SS-300W Single Serve Brewing System, White – Powered By Keurig

best coffee maker for college

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This is one of the best coffee makers for college because of its nice, compact size. Most students will only need to make one cup of coffee at a time, so this machine doesn’t take up more room than necessary. It is also very easy to use and works using K-Cups for added convenience. This means that you can enjoy different flavors of coffee without putting in any extra effort. It will automatically shut off after 90 seconds of not being in use for safety and fits a standard or travel mug so you can brew your coffee right into your travel cup and go to class.

#5 – LeMeilleur French Press Coffee Maker – Double Wall Double Screen – Quality Anti Rust Stainless Steel – 1 Liter

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If you aren’t allowed to have a traditional coffee maker in your dorm room or simply don’t have the space, then this French presses like this one are among the 10 best coffee maker for dorm room choices. You only need boiled water to make it and the press is made from high-quality stainless steel for durability, easy maintenance, extra strength. You can even take it with you when camping or put it in the dishwasher if you are lucky enough to have one at school.

#4 – Brillante Small French Press Coffee Maker & Tea Press – 350 ML / 12 Oz – Premium STainless Steel & European Glass Beaker – Unique 2nd Screen For A Clean, Ground-Free Cup Of Coffee – Model: BR-CP1-350

best coffee maker for college

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This is another French press coffee maker and it is ideal since it is small enough to fit in any dorm room. The extra strainer also ensures you don’t have to worry about grounds in your coffee, something which could be a concern with standard French presses. The glass is German-made for added durability. The unit will make a 12 ounce serving that is perfect for your travel mug.

#3 – Mr. Coffee TF4GTF 4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker, White With Gold Tone Filter

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For those looking for the best coffee makers for college of a traditional variety, Mr. Coffee has multiple great options. This particular unit is the perfect size for most college students, making four cups of coffee. It also has a Pause ‘n Serve feature that lets you safely pour during the brewing process.

#2 – Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6BL-001 Single Serve Coffee Brewer Powered By Keurig Brewing Technology, Blue

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This is another of the 10 best coffee maker for dorm room options that uses K-Cups to give you limitless flavor options and easy preparation. You can choose to brew a 6, 8, or 10-ounce cup and you can brew multiple cups without refilling the 40-ounce water reservoir. It easily fits a travel mug.

#1 – Mr. Coffee Pour! Brew! Go! 16-Ounce Personal Coffee Maker With Insulated TO-GO Mug, Midnight Black, BVMC-MLBL

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This coffee maker comes with its own travel mug, or you can use any mug or cup you have. It can brew 16 ounces at once and has a removable filter basket. You can also use the travel mug with Oster My Blend for added versatility.

If you drink a lot of coffee, you will want to have a coffee maker with you at school. Consider your budget and whether you want a traditional style or a French press. Finally, think about how much coffee you want to brew at once and you will be ready to choose from these 10 best coffee makers for college.

Features To Consider When Buying A Coffee Maker For College

Many college students rely on coffee to keep them awake during all-nighters studying or writing papers or simply to get them going in the morning. Having a coffee maker in your apartment or dorm room is essential if you don’t want to constantly spend money on buying pre-made coffee. As a college, student you will want similar features in a coffee maker as anyone else, but size and a few other features are more important.

Size Of Base

The first thing to consider is the size of the base or how much room the coffee maker will take up. If you are in a dorm room, space will be very limited so you want a coffee maker with a small footprint, or one that you can easily store somewhere and take out when you use it. Even if you are living in an apartment, space will probably be tight, making this important.


You also need to think about how much coffee the machine can brew at once and how you plan to use it. If you live alone and only drink one cup of coffee at a time, a single cup brewer is probably fine. If, however, you like to drink multiple cups in a row, have roommates that also drink coffee, or frequently invite people over for study sessions, you will want a larger capacity.


Don’t forget to consider the style of coffee machine you want. You can pick a traditional model where you add the coffee grounds, filter, and water and let it brew. There are also single serving machines with the individual flavoring cups that give you variety, drip coffee makers, or even French presses. Think about the type of coffee you like and how you want to prepare it.

Fits Travel Mug

If you are like most college students, you will probably want to bring your coffee with you to class or the library. Because of this, you should always make sure that single serve coffee machines that pour directly into a mug will fit your travel mug. Otherwise, you will have to get an extra cup dirty by making the coffee into a normal mug and pouring into your travel one.

Ease Of Cleaning

Few dorms have sinks right in the room so you should also make sure that your coffee machine is easy to clean. Some will be easier to clean than others so read the description and reviews carefully.

Programs And Timers

If you are willing to spend a little more on your coffee maker for college, get one that is programmable. This way, you can set it to make your coffee so it is ready in the morning right when you get up. That lets you drink your coffee while you get ready instead of having to wait for it to brew.

Pause While Brewing

In the case of coffee makers with a several cup capacity, opt for a machine that can pause while brewing. Preferably, it will do this automatically when you pull out the coffee pot. This lets you drink coffee while your second step is still brewing, saving time.

Automatic Shut Off

Most coffee makers have an automatic shut off feature after a given period of time, but make sure the one you choose does. This is an essential safety feature, especially in a crowded building like a dorm where fires can spread easily.

How to make coffee in a coffee maker

Learn how to make coffee using coffee maker.

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