7 Best Apps For College Students

As a college student, it is a good idea to look at the various useful apps for your smartphone, tablet, and other devices as many of these are the perfect resource while at university. If you thought you have already found the best apps for college students, then think again. You may be missing a key application that performs a function you simply can’t live without. Here are the seven top apps to consider.

#7 – Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

Wunderlist is more than just an app for creating to-do lists and helping you keep track of tasks. You can also share your list with others, making it perfect for group vacation planning, projects with classmates, or even working on a grocery list with your roommate.

#6 – iTunes U

This is truly one of the best apps for college students as it is designed just for them. It lets you access courses (including the coursework and more) from prestigious universities across the world. Best of all, it has an impressive quantity of free education content; in fact, this collection is the largest digital catalog in the world.

#5 – TED

Any college student has heard about the innovative TED conferences that occur every year. This app lets you view the various talks at the conferences, completely free of charge. This way you can broaden your horizons and learn new things, whether or not they are related to your major.

#4 – Mint Personal Finance

Most college students are out on their own for the first time in their lives, and as such, they may not know how to manage their finances correctly. This app is one of the best apps for college students because it helps you do just that by combining personal finance accounts as well as investments so you can access them all together. It also helps you remember to pay bills and create a budget.

#3 – Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus

Any college student will need access to a dictionary while doing their readings and a thesaurus while writing essays. This app helps out with both of these things and comes from Dictionary.com, one of the most well-respected websites. Best of all, it actually works offline so even if you don’t have internet, you can still use it.

#2 – StudyBlue

This app makes our top list because six million students have already found it helpful. It includes a range of study tools and materials to make learning new information even easier. There are flashcards, quizzes, and more.

#1 – Evernote

At the top of our list of best apps for college students is Evernote. This app is easy-to-use and lets you make lists, take photos, scan information, take notes, do voice reminders, and more on any device. The app is free to use and lets you share the information between devices so you can make a note about a club meeting or test on your phone and then see it on your tablet.

Even if you think you already have all of the applications you need to head off to school and stay productive, chances are you are missing at least one of them. The best apps for college students listed above span a range of tasks so you can make the most of your education, as well as your social life while at school.

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