A Quick Look at the Online CNA to LPN Course Options

If you are a CNA and want to transform to an LPN, you will get lots of online course options, including communication, anatomy and nursing concepts. Usually, these courses are provided as part of the practical nursing training programs. Traditionally, the CNA courses were provided only in-person, but today you can take CNA to LPN program via distance learning. You must have the experience of working as a CNA for certain period to get admission in such programs. These online programs allow students to take course in their spare time or at night and work during the daytime. However, students are also required to complete some clinical portions of the program on campus.

Nursing Concepts

An online CNA to LPN program includes a series of courses that discuss nursing concepts and theories. These courses teach nursing assistants to spot illness and effectively communicate with patients after, during and before treatment. CNAs perform their duties under the supervision of Registered Nurses.

The nursing courses may differ as per the practical nursing programs. Some training programs require students to take a handful of courses, while others mandate students to complete a wide range of courses. Some of the courses of nursing program can be completed entirely online, while some require students to be present in-person in the class. In both case, the nursing education prepares students for the licensure of LPN.


Psychology lessons aid LPNs to understand their patients’ thought and behavior processes. Moreover, the psychology classes help students to become familiar with the current social issues, which can be very helpful in communication with, and treatment of patients.


LPNs should have a solid knowledge of different organs, tissues and systems that make up the body of humans. So, anatomy class is a must in any online programs. Students also get to obtain practical anatomy training through in-person labs.


A practical nurse should be able to communicate with patients effectively to offer proper care. Communication lessons can enable the nurses to operate as a cohesive and informed unit. It also can assuage the fears of family members of patients and increase patient satisfaction. Such courses even aid to enhance leadership skills in nurses.

Computer Education

Today the whole world is very reliant upon technology and computers, so LPN also can use computers to their benefit. Computer education offers prospective LPNS the tools to search the Internet for info on treatment methods and diseases, calculate statistics and compile reports.

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