8 Good Study Habits to Have Your Career Rocking And Improve Grades!

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Achieving the heights of success is every aspiring student’s dream today. Unlike to the olden times, when just a degree could have sufficed, nowadays, nothing below a B grade is going to have you reach the summit. Scoring well in exams now has been like a tug of war to the students as to who becomes the ultimate winner. Moreover, reiterating them again in the future, for a distinct educational purpose is also one eminent study habit, which none could avoid. However, what should a student do to optimize his study time and make sure the time spent brings in fruitful results? The strategy is pretty simple! Adopting a few good study habits could help you in procuring higher grades and a better in-depth knowledge base. Let’s discuss briefly 8 of the strategically good study habits, which could strengthen your career more.

1)      Try to value your time more.

Do not set long study hours where eventually you are saturated and the productivity is zero. Take small breaks in between, the moment you realize you are losing interest, switch to another subject. It is always a better choice to set up a timetable, which will help you more to organize your study. However, you must make sure that the time you select for your study, gets the best concentration of yours. Study multiple times daily, in dozes; your brain needs rest too. Don’t overload yourself; you are a student, not a mule.

2)      Be consistent and note your assignments!

Do not fluctuate, try creating a pattern, and follow a routine study habit. Try keeping study hours consistent and your body will get used to it ultimately disallowing boredom to creep in due to a new study habit formation. Always try to note down every assignment to keep track of things studied and what is left, the due date, exam schedule etc, a to-do list like notepad works best here.

3)      Stop procrastinating now!

One of the major hurdles faced by the students these days are disturbances and procrastination. Try to minimize it by setting off a target and following it, rather than leaving up everything for the 11th hour. The more you push it, the more likely it will never happen. Once you get onto finally studying, things become much easier, it is the first push that is the hardest, rest is a cakewalk.

4)      Enough with the mugging up already!

You mug something up today, chances are, and you will forget it tomorrow. You will then need to start the whole charade from scratch. Aim for understanding a subject instead of memorizing it and your battle is half won. You remember it for longer and short revisions is all it takes once the concept is clear. Moreover, you must realize your best learning style, and the most dominant way your brain works. Audile learners learn the best when they hear, visual learners works best when they get a visualization and lastly, tactile students learn best when they try something practically. Try to know the study habit category you belong.

5)      Start with the tough, move on to easy.

Most students push the tough topics for last and this is a major reason why they then have a massive workload. Quantity is always over quality; if you choose to study easy topics first, you have already started engaging your brain and it being exhausted. Eventually, as you move on to the tougher topics, your brain’s capacity is breached and now you are left with almost no stamina to cope up with the tougher topic. As a result, you leave the tough topic for another day. That hinders your studies for the next day and it will only keep mounting up. Thus, it is always an imperative study habit to get over with the tougher ones first and most of all, get over with the assignments on an up-to-date basis.

6)      Distractions – Stay Away!

Switch off your phone, log off social networking sites, try keeping the music off too, the less distractions you have, the better grows your concentration. When you start studying, the best study habit is to concentrate only on the task on hand, instead of being diverted. Keeping your head in multiple places will not garner favorable results by any chance.

7)      Always create notes, mind maps, whatever you call it!

While studying, every time something comes to your head, jot it down. Be it an idea or a piece of information you read online, anything you know that would be valuable in the future, put pen to paper. This will help you in the future either while revision or if you are handed an assignment to do.

8)      Keep weekends only for revision.

All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy and yes, it is true. Have fun, life is all about enjoying yourself in every task you take up. Revise what you studied over the weekend but that’s it, do not push it! The brain needs leisure time too. If you still want to pursue your quest for knowledge, read aspiring books, it helps.


Improvise the aforementioned good study habits to have your grades increased and enjoy a fruitful knowledgebase and career too.

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