7 Unique Best Laptop Accessories for Students

With almost every student, whether in college or High School, having their own laptop, its always good to have the best laptop accessories.  With so many choices available, it comes down to what individual students want, but there are a few accessories, such as the ones that are listed below, that deserve a mention.  Any student would be happy to have these functional and eye catching accessories for their own laptops.

Detailed review of laptop accessories for students:

#1 –GOgroove Colorful Compact USB Laptop Speakers w/ Mood Changing Light Up LED Lights

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This is a dual speaker set that allows for easy storage and great sound, as well as easy set up.  With volume controls and a convenient USB plus, it doesn’t get much easier to add a boost to your laptop speakers.   These great little speakers are visually appealing as well and provide a mini LED light show, that cycle from one color to another.   Compatibility is great, working with all windows systems and can be used, on Mac OS too (10.3 and higher)

#2 – MacBook Air or MacBook Pro -13-Inch Vinyl, Removable Skin – Apple Rainbow Paint Swirl

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All you Mac Book Air and MacBook Pro owners out there, you’ll love this vibrant, color Vinyl laptop skin.  If you love color and love being different, this skin will provide both.  Measuring 13” this skin can be removed and repositioned as much as you want without leaving any sticky residue on your laptop.  Another benefit of this beautiful skin is that it protects your MacBook from scratches and dings and is so thin, there is no interference with any other laptop accessories you use.  Comes with two skins and a hard edge vinyl squeegee so you can apply it without any bubbles.

#3 Laptop Desk with Built-in Cushion LED Light and Cup Holder –

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Sometimes you need a “desk” that you can take with you and that makes the Laptop Desk with Built-in Cushion LED perfect for those travel needs.  Use it in the park, in bed, and anywhere you don’t have access to a regular table or desk.  In addition, it comes with an LED light AND a cup holder for your drink! Has a handle for easy carrying and is extremely lightweight.  This laptop desk measures 17.5 x 13.5 and requires 3 AAA batteries.

#4 – eForCity 3-Fans USB Cooling Pad for Notebooks/PC (335884)

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For laptop cooling, this eForCity 3-Fans USB cooling pad fits the bill with style.   With 3 super quiet fans, your laptop will have the cooling it needs without excessive noise that can disturb important study sessions.  Measures 11.25W x 9.5L x 1.75D inch, and has 4 non skid rubber cushions to keep it from sliding all over your table or desk.  USB connection makes plugging in and using it a breeze.


#5 – 3M Privacy Filter for 17.0 Inch Widescreen Laptop

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If you use your laptop in high traffic areas often, you won’t have to worry about privacy with this 3M privacy filter.  Fits 17.0” widescreen laptops and prevents anyone from seeing what’s on your screen unless they are directly in front of it.  In addition to protecting your privacy, it protects your screen from damage as well.  You have two choices in which to use this privacy filter; either the matte side which provides an anti-glare screen, or the glossy side for increased clarity.  The 3M Privacy filter provide 1.5 times more privacy than its competition, making it an excellent choice to add to your laptop accessories must-haves.

#6 – Transcend 1 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive – Military Drop Standards (TS1TSJ25M3)

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One of the more important laptop accessories to have is an external hard drive.  It’s always good to have your important files and photos and downloads protected and backed up.   This little jewel has 1 TB of space and has military grade shock resistance to withstand even the roughest user conditions.  In addition, Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, are all compatible with this external harddrive and it is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports.

#7 – 32GB Mr. Spock MIMOBOT USB 3.0 Flash Drive
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Every Trekkie will want to have this unique USB 3.0 flash drive to move data from one computer to another and other types of data saving or transferring.  This flash drive is compatible with both PC and Mac users.  Special features that come with this Star Trek must have are pre-loaded digital comics, videos and themimoDeskTM personalization suite which resembles the LCARS computer, and includes Star Trek themed wallpapers, icons, avatars and other Star Trek gems.   A one year limited warranty is provided as well

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