Six Tips to Keep You Fit

If your campus’ food is as delicious as mine, you understand how easy it is to gain the “Freshman 15.” Gaining weight in college doesn’t apply only to freshmen, though– any student with a busy schedule and love for pizza can quickly gain weight without realizing it. To stay fit, keep these healthy habits in mind:

1. Skip the Elevator: Using the stairs burns a lot more calories than taking the elevator. Studies show that individuals who regularly use stairs have less body fat, increased blood circulation, and lower cholesterol. So, ditch the elevator and take advantage of every opportunity you have to walk.

2. You can’t eat what you don’t buy: We all have our guilty pleasures (mmm, chocolate); however, your grocery cart shouldn’t consist of nothing but sugary and salty snacks with no nutritional value. Try to buy healthy snacks in college such as fruits, veggies, and yogurt so you are not tempted to eat the big bag of chips sitting in your kitchen or dorm room.

3.  Workout with Friends: Not only is exercising with friends fun,  you’re more likely to feel accountable. When you exercise by yourself, it’s easy to make excuses for not hitting the gym, but when friends are involved—not so much. Working out with friends also allows you to support each other in reaching fitness goals.

4. Walk or Bike to Campus: This is a special tip for those who live off campus. As tempting as it is to drive your car to campus every day, it certainly doesn’t burn the same amount of calories as walking or riding your road bike. Plus, have you seen gas prices lately? Save that extra $30+ a week for other expenses like rent, groceries or a good backpack for college.

5. See a nutritionist: You might be thinking, “I don’t have money to see a nutritionist!” But I have great news for you. Many schools offer nutrition counselors (many are even your fellow classmates) for free. Meeting with a nutritionist will allow both of you to assess your nutritional and fitness needs which will ultimately put you on the right path to developing healthy life-long habits.

6. Water, Water Everywhere: It might not be as tasty as your favorite soft drink, but there’s no denying that it is way better for your body! Not only does water keep your body hydrated and skin looking great, it suppresses your appetite—without the calories. Invest in a water bottle so that you’re able to stay hydrated while you’re on the run.

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