10 Dorm Cleaning Supplies Students Must Have

For many students, it can be an adjustment to go from living at home to living in a dorm. This is particularly true when you realize that there aren’t cleaning supplies readily available unless you buy them yourselves. You can typically borrow a vacuum, but that is about it. To make sure your room doesn’t get too messy, make sure to consider these 10 dorm cleaning supplies students must have.

Comparison chart of  Dorm Cleaning Supplies for Students

Product imageNameFeaturesPriceRating
Tide Amazing Laundry BundleIncludes
Tide pods- Cleans and brightens laundry
Downy Unstopables- in wash scent booster
Bounce- softens fabric
Lysol Bowl Brush with Rim Extension and CaddyHelps to leave your toilet spotless$4.0
Ettore 30116 Squeegee Off Window Cleaning SoapRemoves tough grease and grime from glass window$4.7
Lysol Multi-Purpose Durable Scrub SpongeGreat for scrubbing dishes and counter tops, bathroom, basement and almost other places$4.7
Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning ClothsFor cleaning TV's, computers screen and lenses$4.8
Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop Starter KitIt is designed to mop your floor$4.5
Dorm Room Multipurpose Cleaning KitIncludes- All purpose cleaner, Windex, wipes, a dust pan and dusting brush, A scrubber & 3 microfiber towels$$4.5
Great for Dorm and Starter HomeIncludes- Dust Pan with Brush, Shower Squeegee, Scrub Brush and Sink Brush$4.4
Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin MopPerfect for cleaning hardwood floor, laminate, tile or even concrete$$$4.6
Holife Handheld Cordless VacuumThis wet/dry vacuum cleaner is perfect for vacuuming small apartments, dorms and cars$$$4.8

Detailed review of  Dorm Cleaning Supplies for Students

#6 – Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop Starter Kit

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Almost every single dorm room will have a hard floor of some sort, typically tile or something similar. Swiffer is a great alternative to the traditional broom as it is easy to use and you don’t have to store both a broom and dustpan. The dry cloths have three times the cleaning action on hair, dust, and dirt while the wet mopping cloths can dissolve grime and dirt before locking it in place. Simply toss the cleaning cloths and buy replacements.

#5 – 5 Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Kit (For: Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, Laptops, TV Screens iPhones, iPad, Android, Nexus, Sunglasses) – Features Premium Cleaning Cloths, Cleaning Spray, 10 Wet Wipes And FREE GIFT: Touch Screen Stylus Pen

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When thinking about the 10 dorm cleaning supplies students must have, most people forget about cleaning electronic devices. This kit will gently clean touch screens and computer screens without leaving scratches or streaks. It helps you clean your devices and protect them from future damage as well. The kit has 5 microfiber cleaning cloths, a chemical-free cleaning spray, 10 wet wipes, and a touch-screen stylus pen to prevent finger marks.

#4 – Lysol Multi-Purpose Durable Scrub Sponge, 4-Pack

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These sponges can help you wash your dishes in your dorm or most other surfaces, including some dorm furniture. The sponges are easy to rinse and last a long time. They also have a built-in agent within the fibers that will not wear off and keep protecting the product.

#3 – Ettore 30116 Squeegee Off Window Cleaning Soap, 16-Ounce

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All dorms have windows and this cleaner will help you clean them, ensuring that they end up streak-free. It is a professional formula that can get rid of tough grime and grease. It is even biodegradable and free from ammonia. Just remember to buy something to apply the liquid with, such as a soft cloth or squeegee.

#2 – Lysol Bowl Brush With Rim Extension And Caddy

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Some dorm rooms share bathrooms with the entire floor while others have private bathrooms or only share with a few other people. If you are responsible for cleaning your own bathroom, you will need a toilet brush like this one. There is an antimicrobial agent right in the fibers of the brush to prevent microbes from spreading. The grip is anti-slip and the fibers last a long time to help you deep-clean your toilet without worrying about wearing out the brush. There is even a special fiber extension on the brush that will clean the area under the rim so you don’t have to worry about getting those hard-to-reach spots.

#1 – Tide Amazing Laundry Bundle (68 Loads): Tide PODS, Bounce Sheets And Downy Unstopables

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Among the 10 dorm cleaning supplies students must have, you will always find some tools to do your laundry. This bundle is great because it will probably last the entire school year and gives you everything you need. This pack will clean your laundry, fight stains, and ensure the clothing and sheets smell great for a long time.

You can use this list of 10 dorm cleaning supplies students must have as a checklist when getting ready for school. If you buy all of these items, you will be ready to do laundry, wash your dishes, and clean every area of your room. Your roommate will appreciate your helpfulness and you won’t have to worry about scrambling to buy supplies at the last minute.

How to clean your dorm room

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