Five Things High School Students Need to do Before College

As the new school year starts for high school students, one can only sense anxiety when it comes to looking and preparing for college. Luckily for you, I have a few suggestions that will lead you into the right direction.

Majors and Minors: Some people attend college and are still unsure what they would like to do but want to do something. You should probably start thinking what is it you like to do. Look into different majors that are offered at your university. Also consider getting a minor. Not everyone needs one but considering it is not a bad idea. For example, criminal justice major minoring in sociology is not a bad blend. Allows you to get that crime stopping experience while exploring the thoughts of groups of people.

Career Options : Its easy to say major and minor in this but what about the career you will get once it is complete. This is the time you don’t just explore the primary careers that are always listed but focus on those that aren’t but are just as rewarding.

School Counselor: If you are not familiar with your school counselor, get to know him or her because they will be your aide in applying and getting into school. They can answer those questions that you are unsure of about career options, majors, and schools.

Experience: This may be the time that you want to gain as much volunteer experience as you can. Experience in the field of your choice may just be the thing that separates you from another applicant. This may also give you more insight as to what career choice you want to take.

SAT: Study, Study, Study!!! Make sure you crack open that book in time for you to gain knowledge and use those skills learned to get a suitable score. The earlier you test, the more you can improve your score!

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