Twenty Things to be Included in a School Survival Kit

If you’re like me, you spend most of your day at school, waking up early to get a good parking spot and not leaving until the last hour of work on the schedule. It’s a long time to be away from the main hub (my apartment) and without my ever-flowing surplus of school supplies. If you’re like me, you should probably invest in a school survival kit or a back-up kit.

These kits can help you prepare for those little moments when you need a pair of scissors, a blue highlighter, a Post-It tab, or a ruler. Here’s what you need:

  1. A large pencil pouch with a zipper

  2. A black Expo marker

  3. Two black pens

  4. A few pens of different color

  5. Two highlighters (preferably with the tab dispenser)

  6. A pair of scissors

  7. A small plastic tape dispenser

  8. A stick of glue

  9. A 4GB USB stick and other laptop accessories for students.

  10. A black permanent marker

  11. Whiteout

  12. Paper clips

  13. Binder clips

  14. A mini stapler

  15. Cough drops

  16. Rubber bands

  17. Index cards

  18. Sticky notes

  19. A few mechanical or No. 2 pencils

  20. Safety pins

You can easily fit all of these things into the pencil pouch and keep it in your backpack This kit is in no way definitive. You can add, adapt, upgrade, or modify the kit according to your school needs. Girls may want to add a few emergency tampons. You may also want to include aspirin for those pesky study headaches.

With this kit, you can avoid running around campus trying to find a stapler or a spare highlighter. You’ll never have to worry about borrowing a pen again.

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