15 Successful Test Taking Tips for students


One of the most important factors in test taking is knowing how to prepare for the test.  It’s in this preparation that students will feel calmer, more confident and ready to take the test and do well on it.  Utilizing successful test taking tips can also keep any kind of anxiety or worry at bay and under control.  Almost everyone is nervous when it comes to taking a test, but with these tips, you won’t have to worry about whether you are ready or not.

Test Tip #1 – Have all your test taking supplies ready to go.   Whatever you will need during the test that you provide, such as sharpened pencils (make sure to have several so if a point breaks you aren’t stuck without one) a calculator if they are permitted, scratch paper and anything else you will need.

Test Tip #2 – Get a good night’s sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast containing protein the morning of your test. Protein is a major brain food, so adding that to your morning meal will give your mind a boost, as will a good night’s sleep.

Test Tip #3 – Leave in plenty of time to get there at least 10-15 minutes before the test starts.  Running for the testing room because you’re late will cause you to feel flustered and nervous.

Test Tip #4 – Once the test is handed out, scan over the entire test just to get a feel for what it contains.  It’ll also help you know how to proceed time wise if there are sections of the test that will require more of your time than others.

Test Tip #5 – Once the test has started, pace yourself and know how much time you have to complete the test.  It’s not a contest to get done first, so utilize the time you have to look over each question and answer in a relaxed way.

Test Tip #6 – Answer the questions that are the easiest for you on the test first, then go back and finish the others, but make sure you go back and finish them!

Test Tip #7 – Read the directions! This can be a big problem for those who are trying to get a jump on the test and get done quickly. Taking the time to read the directions thoroughly, even a second time if needed, will ensure that you know exactly what you are supposed to do.

Test Tip #8 – Reading the questions carefully so you know what they expect from you in the way of answers, is very crucial to giving the correct answer or giving it in the correct way.  Answering questions incorrectly can ruin the whole test for you, even if you answer them partially correct.

Test Tip #9 – If your test has essay questions on it, be sure to answer them in complete sentences, and be sure you rephrase the question in your answer so anyone reading it will know what you question was.  Be thorough and use proper grammar as well.

Test Tip #10 – Even though you may not like to do this, some questions you just may not know the answer to, and you will have to guess.  Choose the best answer you can from the choices given and move on.  Stressing over any questions you had to guess on will just ruin the rest of the test for you.

Test Tip #11 – a good way to narrow the field when it comes to choosing a right answer, is to eliminate the answers that you know are not correct.  By eliminating one or two of the obviously wrong answers, you’ve increased your chances of getting the answer right, even if you have to guess.

Test Tip #12 – Watch your handwriting.  Writing quick and sloppy may be fine if it’s your own notes, but you want to be sure the test grader can read your answers clearly and easily. It would be unfortunate to miss a question simply because the grader couldn’t tell what you had written in your answer.

Test Tip #13 – If the test is a long one and allows breaks, take them.  You may worry that it will break your concentration, but taking the time to get up, stretch, get a drink and get your circulation going will help improve your concentration when you sit back down.

Test Tip #14 – Don’t worry if it seems like everyone is getting done before you are.  What others are doing will have no bearing on your grade, and as long as you’re done within the correct time frame, even if it’s as the buzzer goes off or test giver tells everyone to stop, it all counts and will count against your grade.

Test Tip #15 – Before you turn your test in, be sure to look over your answers, especially any that may have given you trouble.   Many unintentional, careless mistakes have been caught by doing this.   Don’t however, start second guessing yourself and changing answers that you weren’t sure about.  First answers tend to be the right ones, so unless you misread something, leave it the way you first answered it.  Proofread your essay questions for spelling and grammar as well.


Using any, or all of these, test taking tips will help you get the best possible grade on your test.  Testing doesn’t have to be a terrifying prospect, and as long as you take the time you need to study, and then give yourself the best possible conditions in which to perform well (food, sleep, etc.) you should look forward to receiving a good grade!

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