Top 10 Best Multifunction Printers

Small offices, home offices and the director’s cabin in large firms got one thing common – in more than 90% of the cases, you’ll find a top multifunction printer (MFP) sitting at the corner. Whatever trade you might be in, photography or accountancy, the all in one  multifunction printers are also a symbol of how your business is doing. Prospective clients relax when they find you don’t need to run around and get their jobs ready. It also adds to your credibility as a professional who earns good and therefore, is in demand. Keeping all options handy is also saving a lot on TAT. Below you will find the list of our top best multifunction printers.

Besides that, an in-house printing (or scanning, faxing, photocopying and a few more things) is always better since you can fix the hue, brightness and the rest according to your client’s (or your own) choice. A commercial setup won’t do it or it may with a lot of money. With a MFP, you save more than two-thirds.

Based on the above, here are the best 10 among the latest top multifunctional printers that have been found to be clean of (or faced lesser numbers of) all the potential drawbacks in the long run. They also come reasonably priced and do not make you hesitate on disposal when the components start to fail.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best multifunction printers
  2. Detailed review of best multifunction printers

List Of Top 10 Best Multifunction Printers

PictureNameConnectivity TechnologyPriceRating
Epson WorkForce WF 3530Wireless;Mobile; Memory Card; USB$$$4.9
Brother MFC-J870DWWireless;Memory Card; USB$$4.8
Samsung Xpress C460WWireless;Mobile; Memory Card; USB$$4.7
HP Officejet Pro 276dw Wireless;USB$$4.6
Brother DCP-7065DNWired;USB$$4.5
HP LaserJet Wired;USB$$4.4
Brother Printer MFC7360NWired;Ethernet; USB$$4.4
Canon PIXMA MX922Wireless;USB$$4.3
HP OfficeJet Pro 8610Wireless;USB$$4.0
Brother DCPL2540DWWireless;Ethernet; USB$$4.0

Detailed Review Of Top 6 Best Multifunction Printers

1. Epson WorkForce WF 3530 Wireless Color Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax:

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A fine machine for home businesses and out-of-home small businesses. Offers more in terms of price range and intended use. The wide range and options for printing is ideal for DTP jobs and the software package comes handy in managing a fairly large number of documents. Reliable copying for both texts and graphics but don’t expect the way an ad agency will print the pics. It’s user friendly (including setup; for laptops and desktops alike). If you are running an older Epson, the WF-3530 installation will upgrade the software. Compatible with Kindle through an inexpensive app and a fax that works damn well. Once you feed it the papers, it will give out 1000 printed sheets without breaks with the duplex feature turned on for double-sided printing. Its ink conservation feature makes that a breeze. This printer is even the best printer for students.

Recommended for: Accountancy jobs, snap-shot photos, trade/business correspondence, DTP.

2.  Brother Printer Work Smart MFCJ870DW Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax:

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Ideal for them who print a lot, for work or for fun. It makes possible printing 4 photos in a single page, two each side; thanks to double-sides printing. Less running costs, in short.

An easy set up and a smaller-than-average size (without sacrificing on functions) makes it fit for freelancing businesses and small ITES setups. The scans are very clear, as clear as the straightforward and simple touch-screen user interface. That’s a pretty gizmo that sells. Allows data feed through USB, LAN, and telephone lines; is VOIP-friendly (fax) and ink loading is easy.

An amazingly nice printer for those who like their stuff fast, efficient and easy to use. Best for places where space is scarce.

3. Samsung Xpress C460W Wireless Multifunction Color Laser Printer:

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No other faxless -MFP is perhaps this easy to set up. As far as printing goes, it’s fast, it’s GREAT and very quite too. Wastes almost no ink, even after prolonged un-usage. It is a sane choice for home users to small businesses outside home that don’t print everyday except for invoices and other business documents.

The setup will take about 5 minutes (wi-fi; no cable) and you will be delighted the way you can print our mobile data (NFC functionality) from iphone, ipad and similar other devices.

Don’t try to print on special papers, though. The automatic feed doesn’t handle paper weight more or less than it’s designed to and you can’t manual-feed.

4. HP Officejet Pro 276dw Multifunction Printer:

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This MFP helps you with its set-up through its screen and with the latest drivers, it will work flaawlessly on both PC’s and Macs – including Mac mini, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro-Retina. On VPN, it works through HP’s eprint service. You need to install a driver for that. Allows 2-sided printing and scanning is great if not excellent.

5. Brother Printer DCP7065DN Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Copier:

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It’s awesome, in one word. Setup is breeze in both Mac and PC and when you hook it up at the network, it gives you an IP with DHCP. It prints fast (20 seconds from power on to wake up and getting the first page out), saves power on standby, prints both sides of a page, works as a standalone photocopier and real inexpensive toner cartridges. However, with scanning, there’s no 2-side story to it

6. HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer:

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A great, mid-size printer fit for home use or for small businesses. Supports multiple computers with printing, faxing and scanning. The best part is the ink does not smear at all and the touch screen very clear cut with its operations. You will love its scan-to-email feature, where the printer hooks to the SMTP sever and sends you the scan(s) as an e-mail attachment. But it’s not lightning fast, as you may expect from Hp’s Eprint. For fast, large-scale scanning, a dedicated scanner is a better choice.

By now you must have made up your mind to invest a substantial amount after this compact and cost-effective solution but wait, you must also know the flip sides.

As bitter as it may sound, but even the best multifunction printer might break down and that brings all the drama. Being a single unit offering all the dazzling features and functions, a wrinkle in one area can trigger another anomaly somewhere along the line. This means a whole lot of unintended consequences, individual and combined. In case it needs to be taken to the factory, you’ll need to stop all operations for indefinite periods. Unless you have a spare one (or some other modes of communication and printing) handy, it can become a real big trouble.

Choosing your MFP the right way is the other way to go. It ensures you’ll make the most out of your money. It will also help you to avoid features and functions you’ll never use, thus keeping it low both for the price and downtimes. Don’t take one as a top multifunction printer just because it offers the largest (often unwanted) array of gizmos, eye candies and other bells and whistles; cut things down to your exact requirements.

That makes printing, scanning and faxing the bare minimums. Unless you are dealing in high resolution images, you do not need interpolated resolutions; a scanner’s normal optical resolution is good enough for documents and forms. Same goes with the printers in matters of printing resolution. As for faxing, your MFP should be able to work as a standalone system other than with the computer. To connect, the USB is the best choice. Also please consider the load of your work; that will fix if you need a high-, medium- or home-capacity MFP. And above all, a good after sales support.

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