10 Best Jobs for College Students

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College is the first time in a student’s life that they will feel a heightened sense of freedom. Freedoms to make decisions, create schedules, abide by their own curfew, and ultimately, live on thie own. But with these acts of freedom, students are also given the freedom to manage

8 Recipes for Every College Student

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One of the only heartburns about going to college is that you no longer have your parents there to cook for you. Home cooked meals become far and few between, unless you’re lucky enough to find a roommate who cooks. If not, here are a few simple recipes you

The Difference Between Passion & Purpose For College Students

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Now more than ever, society pressures us into finding our passion. And as a college student, we are constantly surrounded by peers doing just that. They know exactly which classes, organizations, internships and volunteer opportunities they need in order to find passion post-college. Or so we think. Society is

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers of 2017

Beard trimmers do a great job keeping your face looking sharp and well kept. Many have different attachments that allow you to select the beard length you want, trim your mustache, sideburns, and even nasal hair. They also come in corded and cordless models, ones that are waterproof and

Top 10 Best Dorm Microwaves For College Students

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When you live in a college dorm, you won’t typically have access to your own kitchen. There will probably be a kitchen in the building, but you will have to share it with at least several dozen other people, making best dorm microwaves very convenient. If you are lucky

10 Best Vacuums For Small Apartments

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Everything about tiny apartments is compact, including options for storage space. This means that the 10 best vacuums for small apartments will be compact. They may have a small footprint or simply fold over to fit in shorter spaces. The items on this list can easily fit in an

The 10 Best Headphones For College Students

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Are you getting ready for college to start soon? Then in addition to all of the necessary school supplies, you will also need to have some quality headphones with you. You don’t have to just settle for any old set of headphones, however. Instead, consider looking at some of

Vegetable Storage Bags: Storing Produce without Plastic

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When it comes to using vegetable storage bags to keep my produce fresh I always try to avoid plastic packing for many good reasons. While plastic bags might seem convenient to transport your goods home from the grocery, I normally have a couple of cotton packs with me to

6 Best Reusable Tote bags – Easy Way to Save the Environment

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Today I no longer wonder at people with colorful fabric bags coming out of grocery shops or at party favors from friends in the same bags instead of paper ones. The reason is that reusable tote bags have become an integral and customary part of our lives already and

Comprehensive College Packing List [Infographic]

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The Importance Of Having The Things You Need For College Before Going To College It’s that time of the year again and September is little over a few months away. It’s time for you to leave your high school life behind and enter a whole new, completely alien world
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