The Difference Between Passion & Purpose For College Students

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Now more than ever, society pressures us into finding our passion. And as a college student, we are constantly surrounded by peers doing just that. They know exactly which classes, organizations, internships and volunteer opportunities they need in order to find passion post-college. Or so we think. Society is

Lin-sanity: Only the Latest Underdog to Inspire America

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Since the completion of America’s ultimate underdog story ( the American Revolution ), this country has been fascinated by teams and individuals that rise up from humble beginnings and capture our hearts. There was  Rulon Gardner, who was raised as a dairy farmer in Wyoming before becoming a middle

How Game Shows Can Lead to Post-College Success

If you are a college student like me, you can get caught sometimes wondering if you could have done something to improve your chances for success after college. I remember over-achievers getting internships freshman year, high-school seniors earning a semester’s worth of credits through AP classes, even middle school

New Semester, New Start

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Every semester I set a new list of goals for myself and I tend to achieve some of them, but not many. I figured I would share with you some of my tips for time management, studying, and test taking strategies. The rule of thumb is that you spend

How to Procrastinate Productively Online

We’ve all been there: you’re home, you’re comfortable, you’re ready for that English essay until…bam. The internet and your wandering cursor. Procrastination comes in many forms under many names. Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, even cleaning your room seems like a more appealing option than a passage analysis of Macbeth.

Nine Love Lessons I Learned in Elementary School

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Even at the age where we still spelled our name incorrectly and couldn’t go to the bathroom without asking permission, we were learning lessons about love that hold true today. Whilst enrolled in the second grade, I embarked on the task of making a new friend. I serendipitously selected

Three Easy In-School Ways to Conserve Energy

There are very few of us who are not familiar with the reminders of “don’t let the water run while you brush your teeth” and “shut the lights off in your room before you leave”. Many minor energy-saving maxims permeate out minds as we go about our daily routine

Textbook or-Deals

Back to class means back to work and more purchasing of textbooks; but did you know- you don’t have to purchase them from your bookstore? With the new modern technology present, there are multiple ways one can save money on textbooks that you need for school. Textbook Rentals: One

Starting Over in Spring Semester

” First semester I didn’t do well, I could have done better!” “I didn’t realize I had all the resources I have now.” …. Sounds like you? Well don’t worry you are not the only one. As a freshman or just being in your fall semester, sometimes you don’t
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