What They Didn’t Teach You About Grammar

Grammar. It’s on most students’ lists of least favorite subjects. It’s hard. It’s confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Grammar is supposed to be a tool writer’s (student’s) use to clarify their meaning. Grammar is something people intrinsically pick up from their environment. Most students grasp the basics

IQ Test – What is it and How it’s Used?

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The IQ test is the common name for Intelligence Quotient. An IQ test is a way to measure the relative intelligence of a person, but the answers derived from an IQ test aren’t based on the amount of knowledge a person has. To fully understand how an IQ test

African Golden Cat Video

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You might have never seen a video of an African Golden Cat which is so rare. Recently, Panthera, a nonprofit working towards conservation of these cats released a rare video of the cat:

Want a Job? 6 Things Not to Put in a Resume

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, a recruiter has completely reviewed a resume. This means that in most cases, your resume is reviewed for a mere 30 seconds—not a lot of time for someone to realize how great you are, huh? This is why it’s important for

Twitter’s New Ad: Its faster than Earthquake

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Twitter has come out with its new ad campaign claiming it to be faster than earthquake. See for yourself and lets us know what you think in the comment section:     Twitter, faster than earthquakes Twitter has come out with its new ad campaign claiming it to be

College Juniors and Seniors – What Should You Be Thinking?

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I was a senior in college, I had just finished the semester long, paper work heavy process of registering my university’s economics club with our student government as the founder and president. I organized meetings and drafted membership bylaws, we even went on a field trip. That same semester,

Calling All Freshmen: Quick Tips for a Successful Year

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Whether you’re a freshman in high school or a freshman in college, starting a new year at a new school can be intimidating. No need to worry, though. Here are some tips that will allow any new kid on the block to feel at home in no time. Be

Press Release: EducareLab launches the SAT Math Study Guide iPad App

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Fredericksburg, VA, (August 24, 2011): A new SAT Math Study Guide iPad Application by provides the best explanation of all topics and has solved questions in addition to more self-practice questions. EducareLab, a new establishment has a mission to develop educational mobile apps that make a difference in

Try an Audio Book Rather Than a Traditional Book

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There are many people who love fiction, but can’t read. Maybe you’re one of them. Some people can’t read for a physical reason – because they’re blind or have bad eyesight, for example – while some find reading difficult or strenuous on a mental level, such as dyslexic people
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